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Weston_88 07.01.2014 20:02

MTB Trail recommendations?
Arrived in Luzern on Sunday (Started a new job this week) and want to get out on the bike this weekend. Most of the meet-up groups are full and fancy a blast (even if it's on my own) but don't have the local trail knowledge without scrolling through a load of OS maps :S.

Any recommendations? I fancy some single track with a bit of distance. I don't mind driving/travelling to get a full day in somewhere / or if any of you are heading anywhere and wouldn't mind me tagging along.


Sbrinz 07.01.2014 22:53

Re: MTB Trail recommendations?
Tom, please realize this is winter, there is ice everywhere.

If you are cycling on a trail and have an accident, there is every chance you will not be found, and you will die.

Please stick to bicycle paths next to main roads Wait until we have better weather, and then go MTB riding with a club.

Before Christmas one of our members went walking in France. She had lived in the area for 40 years. She had an accident and died. It took the police 3 days to find her body, and she was only about 1 Km from the car park.

So please respect the countryside and the weather here.

hjj_74 08.01.2014 07:59

Re: MTB Trail recommendations?

Definitely do NOT go out on the trails alone if you don't know the area. Maps won't help you when you have an accident and can't be found. A lot of trails are NOT in reach of the cellular network, so you won't be able to call in the guards unless you have a satphone.

Trails vary from blue to black (beginner to severe) and you won't know it until you are sliding down a severe 50 degree DH trail with trees all around and the ground covered with leaves and snow.

Read this first: MTB im Winter.

If you do go, here are some trails: 50 mtb touren Schweiz - try and stay low, like this.

JudgeFred 08.01.2014 08:56

Re: MTB Trail recommendations?
The boys and girls at Swiss Alpine Adventure have an MTB ride and a Cyclocross ride that welcome mountain bikers going on this weekend.

Both these rides are in the Zurich area, but AFAIK they also have a lot of members around Luzern. Dave was certainly riding a bit in Luzern last year and I think they may have even run some rides and a social event there too.

If anyone knows a trail to ride at this time of year though it is Dave. He used to go under the name of Eire here, but I don't know if he's checked in, in a long time. I've sent him a few links to things going on here in the past that I thought would have interested him but I've not seen him post at all.

But be aware, most of the people who have long term settled here and are cyclists use the winter for a change of scenery and go skiing instead.


PaddyG 08.01.2014 09:45

Re: MTB Trail recommendations?
Go to www.bikemap.net. There you'll find all kinds of routes people have uploaded; single trail, XC, mixed etc. I would also recommend to avoid unfamiliar moutain trails on your own, especially in Winter.

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