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AthanasiosGR 27.08.2015 16:07

Bike gadgets (lights, mobile holder)
Hello to the community! :)

Recently i started looking for the following bike gadgets / equipment:

- front light (white)
- rear light (red)
- mobile holder

i'm using the bike 80-90% for road cycling within cities, so i don't need 3000 lumens as for mountain tracks, but i do want to see clearly the road ahead of me in low-lit or dark roads

apart from that, i want both the front and rear light to be clearly visible to car/moto drivers as well

as for the mobile holder (iphone 6), i would use it to see the track (e.g. with Runkeeper) and the incoming calls

it would be ideal if there's a swiss store with good prices , but i have no problem ordering from amazon, ebay etc.

thanks in advance!

Phil_MCR 27.08.2015 16:34

Re: Bike gadgets (lights, mobile holder)
i ordered a front and back light off amazon for 1 each.

didn't get a mobile holder, but had a pouch that fitted in the corner of the frame. again 1.

RTN 27.08.2015 17:19

Re: Bike gadgets (lights, mobile holder)
You trust you 700Chuffs phone in a 1pound holder! ;-))

I got a set from Aldi for under 10Chuffs but you can also look at Veloplus, their homebrand lights are good for the price if you want something a bit better then basic.

John_H 27.08.2015 19:27

Re: Bike gadgets (lights, mobile holder)
You can get all this stuff in oschner sport.. Pretty cheaply.

If you want more specialised bike stuff at half of CH prices then I recommend wiggle.co.uk - Free shipping to CH if you spend something like 40chf .. For example I needed new inner tubes - my 700c 18/25 was hard to find and cost 11chf here .. wiggle price 2.50 chf

Who uses starva?? I need some people to follow and inspire me :)

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