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biker 16.01.2017 05:23

Corona Bike Shop in Davos
Any clientele here?
Wondering if owner is fluent in English.
Thinking of calling to enquire about some items I saw through the windows.

Uncle GroOve 16.01.2017 18:23

Re: Corona Bike Shop in Davos
Like, the place where all the world's top dignitaries will convene to chit and chat and discuss the world's future?
As in the place where royal families and various celebs come to ski and be paparazzed?

I say no.
Probably only speaks hardcore swiss german.
But you might as well give yourself the benefit of doubt and call anyway

amandacanada 01.02.2017 18:33

Re: Corona Bike Shop in Davos
Uncle Groove! Sorry, this is totally off topic but I've been trying to message you and your inbox is full. What's the best way to get a hold of you?

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