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komsomolez 10.06.2018 17:55

[Field] Hockey? Lake Zurich
Are there any hockey clubs (field hockey, not uni or ice) around the lake? Found two clubs in Zurich, but nothing further East. We are moving there and our 10 year old son would like to continue playing.


komsomolez 10.06.2018 20:53

Re: Hockey? Lake Zurich
Found one in Meilen. Wrong side ot the lake though ...

irish_temptation 11.06.2018 09:12

Re: Hockey? Lake Zurich
No. You seem to have found the closest one already. See http://www.swisshockey.org/?inc=verb...yp=Nav2&cat=65

The only other option is switching to Unihockey (I know it's not the same but it's much more popular so you will have a bigger choice).

Hope you will settle in nicely!

komsomolez 11.06.2018 13:52

Re: Hockey? Lake Zurich
I really hope he will not want to play Unihockey ...


Chemmie 15.06.2018 14:22

Re: Hockey? Lake Zurich
hahahaha, growing up in Canada (90s) field hockey was a women's sport.

And we didn't have 'unihockey' either :P

OBone 15.06.2018 17:31

Re: Hockey? Lake Zurich
yes there are three or four hockey clubs in Zurich.

Grass Hoppers (my boys play for them) www.gc-landhockey.ch
Red Sox - www.redsox.ch
Zurichsee - www.zsht.ch

and a bit futther out

Wettingen - www.rww.ch

All of the clubs have several age groups, and a 10 year old would play for the under 12s. CH has different playing age groups to the rest - not sure why.

Wettingen is by far the best and most professional club but it depends what you're looking for in a club. i can speak about GC and the pros and cons.

PM me if you want more info

komsomolez 16.06.2018 08:45

Re: Hockey? Lake Zurich

Yes, these seem to be the nearest clubs in the area. All too far from Lachen, I think. Will take more time getting there and back than he would actually spend playing. So probably football close by is the better option.

komsomolez 10.06.2019 21:51

Re: [Field] Hockey? Lake Zurich
Good news!


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