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olygirl 04.05.2020 11:26

Favourite Bike paths/trails
Since holidays may be limited to domestic travel this year, a thread on your favourite or recommended bike paths trails might be in order.

Since I've bought my e-bike, I've have been to places that I never would have seen otherwise. It's so easy to go on the many "Fahrverbot" roads in the area and discover sights that I'd never really realised were so close. Just yesterday, I rode up to Klosterli on the Rigi and was amazed at all the waterfalls along the road, as well as the sights and sounds of the lush alpine meadows in the spring.

Just a few warnings though:

1. Some paths are quite steep and sometimes they're less frightening to go up than to go down.
2. Alplers will be moving their livestock up into the mountains during the next few weeks.
3. Be careful of curvy roads... stay on your side of the road when going around the curve as you never know what you may encounter.
4. Use your bell to warn hikers you'll be passing. A quick "Danke/Merci" is always appreciated as well.
5. Make sure your phone is charged in case of emergency.
6. Bring water and some food. I was once so preoccupied in scouting out the area that I found myself somewhere without water on a hot day. I had forgotten my water bottle and kicked myself for it.
7. Check your brakes before your trip. Good brakes are vital going down these mountains.

olygirl 04.05.2020 11:43

Re: Favourite Bike paths/trails
Favourite local bike paths:

1. Steinerberg - Wildspitz - Steinerberg
2. Route 961 and 968 above Schwyz
3. The Rigilehnen Weg starting in Immensee and ending in Vitznau... (then continue on using the sidewalk to finish the circular route via Brunnen and Goldau or bike to Vitznau and backtrack using the Rigilehnenweg.

bokabil 04.05.2020 11:45

Re: Favourite Bike paths/trails

Here's a website I've been using a few years now.

olygirl 04.05.2020 11:47

Re: Favourite Bike paths/trails

Here's another one

me.anon 04.05.2020 11:50

Re: Favourite Bike paths/trails
I guess you know this site: https://www.schweizmobil.ch/en/summer.html

I've completed one of the mountain bike routes across Switzerland (Panorama Bike - in stages over a couple of years) and parts of another one (Alpine Bike), which I will be doing a bit more of this year. It can mean some over night stays and/or transporting the bike on the train.

For a specific recommendation in my area, I'd say Hogant Bike (starting at Habkern and going clockwise).

Edit: In the meantime since I have been typing, it's clear the link above is already well known.

bokabil 04.05.2020 12:21

Re: Favourite Bike paths/trails
- Bike within your capability. For e-bike users, this is easy to forget since there is "support"
- 2 hours out means another 2 hours back, most likely longer since you're tired on the return. Plan your water/food with some extra.
- Keep right, always

peaky 04.05.2020 15:32

Re: Favourite Bike paths/trails
we did Creux du Vin on the e bikes. Traveled from Noiraigue to Creux du Vin. Down in to Couvet then back to Noiraigue.

On e bike its pretty good. Not a bad area and valley there. YOu could probably cover a lot of distance if you spent a few days there

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