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italo 19.05.2020 18:05

[Zurich 2020] Fight Club Training for Beginners - Boxe, Kickboxe, Martial Arts
Don't worry, it's way less crazy than it sounds :)

Basically, I am looking for sparring partners or just people to train and have fun together at the park, now that the weather is nice and gyms are closed and/or expensive/unfunny.

Area Wiedikon, Sportanlage Sihlhölzli. Mon-Wed-Fri starting at 18:15 until 19:30 (or leave when you like). First appointment Monday, May 25th.

I am myself not an expert, only did two years or so of kickboxing, but I would like to continue, and training together is so much more fun and motivating! Main goal is to burn calories and have fun with light confrontation, absolutely no hurting each other.

My idea is to meet spontaneously, no booking required, and do some exercise together. 15 minutes warm-up, 30 minutes conditioning, 15 minutes technique, 15 minutes abs and stretching. We can adjust the format according to participation. Any level of fitness welcome, but maybe let's keep it in the 18-50 age range (I'm 35-ish). Don't worry about not keeping the pace, that can be adjusted, worry about me not being fit enough instead :P

If we are more than 5 we will split into groups or just keep the distancing because of corona. We can start with only group exercise, but on request we can proceed to pair training/sparring. In that case you need to bring mouthguard, hand protections and boxing gloves at the very minimum, and please also liability insurance is a must. In case you don't have the above but still want to try some light contact exercise we can play the "touch the shoulders/legs" simulation exercise that is pretty fun and burns a lot of calories. For sparring and light contact it is also required head protection, and leg guards if you want to do kicks (but maybe we can leave kicks aside for now, I don't have a pao yet, but feel free to bring one if you have!) Safety first!

Next to that you don't really need to bring anything. Water is present, and we can stay on the grass for the ground exercise so no mat needed. No skiprope as well, we can do other warmup exercises.

I'll be there starting from next Monday from 18:00 to 18:15, then I will start the training. I will have a red tshirt and black bag and shorts and will be next to the water fountain outside the track field, West side.

Hope to see you there:)

italo 22.05.2020 09:29

Re: [Zurich 2020] Fight Club Training for Beginners - Boxe, Kickboxe, Martial Arts
Just to clarify since I noticed there are actually two water fountains on the West side: the one closer to the car parking at the entrance :)

We are 3 already, all beginners, so come!

italo 26.05.2020 14:53

Re: [Zurich 2020] Fight Club Training for Beginners - Boxe, Kickboxe, Martial Arts
We were 4 at the end, had fun ^^ next appointment tomorrow same time same place

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