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29.08.2009 22:10

Hiking groups in Basel?

I am new to Basel and I am hoping to get out on some trails before winter hits. I'm wondering if there are any group hikes/ hiking groups in the area, or if anyone else is interested in hitting some trails on the weekends?

I am relatively beginner as I didn't get out to the Rockies much this summer before I moved from Calgary, unfortunately.

While I'm on the topic of clubs I am also hoping to get into cross country skiing in the winter... any leads there?



RetiredInNH 29.08.2009 22:27

Re: Hiking groups in Basel?
Hi Sara, and :welcome: to EF!

There is a Basel Hiking Club, but alas the web page is in German only.

In spite of its proximity to France Basel (both halves) is monolingually German :(

From my experience with EF, there are not very many hikers in our community, or else they hike alone.

Mrs Badger 29.08.2009 23:05

Re: Hiking groups in Basel?
I cannot recall the details, but I know that Centrepoint (goes something like www.centrepoint.ch, it's an english speakers' community thingy) has one or two. They may be on weekdays, though.

swisshikes 29.08.2009 23:06

Re: Hiking groups in Basel?
There is another group around Basel:
They offer hikes as well as ski tours.

Another hiking club is in Pratteln:

31.08.2009 16:16

Re: Hiking groups in Basel?
Thanks for the tips!

Donslmc 01.09.2009 23:09

Re: Hiking groups in Basel?
Sara I'm moving to Basel this week and keen to do some hiking / join a hiking club. I am also a beginner too although have done a little hiking in the past in the UK.

Keep in touch and maybe there will be scope for starting a new group.


millane42 02.09.2009 14:01

Re: Hiking groups in Basel?
Hi Sara

My name is Kevin Pollard from Babel Travel.

My company operates weekend trips all over Switzerland that often include hiking.

The people on my trips are from all over the world and are usually between the ages of 23-35. These trips are great value and are lots of fun.

Our next hiking trip is on the weekend of September 12-13 to the Neuchatel area. We hike the Creux du van on the Sunday.

For more information please contact myself
Many thanks,

Nikkyabc 23.09.2009 12:20

Re: Hiking groups in Basel?
Hi Sara,

I'm new to Basel too, and am looking forward to going hiking on weekends. But I'm not a good or experienced hiker, so am looking only for simple hikes.

Do let me know if you are planning something for the weekend.


JustRose 10.06.2011 12:17

Re: Hiking groups in Basel?
I think this thread needs to be re-opened! I am going to start planning some hikes around Basel and other areas in Switzerland over the summer so if anyone is interested do let me know!

SNS 29.09.2011 23:03

Re: Hiking groups in Basel?
Hey guys, I am no expert at hiking, Ive only done a few, but I would love to go on one, especially here in Switzerland, it looks so hiking friendly :p

But seriously, I would love to. pm me!

kanna 30.09.2011 08:12

Re: Hiking groups in Basel?
I would also be interested in joining hiking groups. Please let me know if you start one. The weather is still very nice.

suzybg 30.09.2011 09:18

Re: Hiking groups in Basel?
I just had my first hiking experience walking up Schiehallion in Scotland - now that we are in Switzerland its the perfect opportunity to do more. I don't mind a challenging hike - but don't want to 'climb rocks' with picks and ropes, etc.

I've got visitors for the next 5 weeks but would love to do something in November onwards. I've been looking at this thread and want to do them all!!

hmmm - don't know how to link to another thread but it is the GPS-Tagged Hikes.

Moderator Edit - you do it like this.

amanda99 13.11.2011 11:14

Re: Hiking groups in Basel?
Hi all,
I would also love to get involved in some walks/hikes, fairly new to the area and would like to meet some people and possibly burn some calories (to help make allowances for all the chocolate, cheese and wine ;) )
Amanda :)

Bexie 13.11.2011 12:53

Re: Hiking groups in Basel?
I occasionally run a hike for the completely unfit. This is usually around the Rheinfelden or Arlesheim area where there are some very unchallenging walks.

There are some here who consider a run up Pilatus as a begginner excercise ;)

suzybg 13.11.2011 15:54

Re: Hiking groups in Basel?
I still really want to do some hill 'walking' (not rock climbing!!) but don't know where to start so if someone can recommend a route - intermediate level - with well marked paths, good views and a nice place to have a rest stop (aka cake :p) please let me know. I don't mind travelling from Basel on the train. We have been cycling all spring, summer and autumn but need a winter activity - I don't mind walking in the snow as long as we have the right gear.

amanda99 13.11.2011 16:16

Re: Hiking groups in Basel?
Well I am up for the walk, and the cake ;) have a lovely dog that would probably like to join too. If anyone arranges a walk, I would love to come :)

gaborfabian 13.11.2011 23:10

Re: Hiking groups in Basel?
Hey guys, I would also like to put my name in the mix for wannabe hikers. I think I would be able to manage an intermediate trip, but I have a bad ankle whixh kinda inhibits me me in doing so but if you're planning something, give me a heads up maybe and I might be able to join.

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