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PDJesus 25.05.2007 10:24

Any sports persons in Basel???
Hi All,

Are there people in the Basel area playing sports that use this site?

I have had contact with a one person about squash but I`ve not seen much else from people in the Basel area on this forum.

If anyone plays football, cricket, squash or poker and has more info on when and where in the Basel area I would appreciate the info.


Jonathan :msncool:

Captain Pugwash 25.05.2007 10:36

Re: Any sports persons in Basel???
there you go , more sport than you can shake a stick at in Basel;



simon3717 21.09.2007 16:45

Re: Any sports persons in Basel???

Squash clubs - the main ones in Basel are:
- Paradies (Allschwil) no website, tel: 061 485 95 84
- Van der Merwe (Allschwil) www.vandermerwe.ch/
- Forum Sports Centre (city centre) www.tsag.ch/
- Impulsiv (Otterbach, DE) www.impulsiv-weil.de

I used to play squash for my uni although I've stopped these days due to a rubbish knee. The leagues at Impulsiv are a good place to start although if you live on the southern side of Basel then getting there and back becomes an issue. The club is literally a stone's throw over the border (#55 bus takes you there).

If there are any other squash players in Basel that would like to meet one evening at one of the easier-to-get-to Allschwil clubs then I'm all ears. If there are enough replies then I'll suggest a date and place...

Cricket -

Basel Cricket Club - http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/baselcricket/

The seasons's over now but there should be indoor training for the winter months at one of the sportshalls in the city centre. Sadly we don't have nets but indoor cricket is a good laugh.

In the summer there's the Swiss league, Pickwicks Cup and various friendlies, so loads of matches to play.

Hope this helps, I'd be interested to hear if there's a regular football meet in Basel,


Touchrugby 04.10.2007 21:40

Re: Any sports persons in Basel???
There are a few guys in Basle looking at setting up a Touchrugby club to play in the Swiss League next year...let me know if you are interested in taking up contact with them.

ScientistMel 10.10.2007 09:43

Re: Any sports persons in Basel???
Is it mixed touch rugby (in Basel)?

Touchrugby 10.10.2007 11:44

Re: Any sports persons in Basel???
Yip, it is mixed....

If you forward me your details on the www.touchrugby.ch contact address I can put you in contact with Ciara and Mike in Basel.


Jenny F 10.10.2007 13:37

Re: Any sports persons in Basel???
Or you can come and play proper rugby. I've just started playing for Basel Birds and it's great!


Touchrugby 10.10.2007 16:38

Re: Any sports persons in Basel???
Hi Jenny F,

We would be interested in taking up contact with you guys too. Do you already sufficient lady players for the new season? Thanks for the link.


Jenny F 12.10.2007 11:35

Re: Any sports persons in Basel???
We've only just got enough to make up a team so new members are always welcome.

All the contact details should be on the link so feel free to get in touch with someone. I'm still really new so don't know who but I think you sould be able to find all the info on their website.

ScientistMel 12.10.2007 13:27

Re: Any sports persons in Basel???
Jenny, I've never played proper rugby before and I'm slightly scared because I broked my collar bone playing football a couple of years back and now I get terrified if anyone tries to barge into me. This could be a problem? Although I can run quite fast...
What's the standard like?

Touchrugby 12.10.2007 13:49

Re: Any sports persons in Basel???
Hi Jenny F,

Our group is a dedicated (non contact) Touch group but we will gladly refer anyone your way if they are interested in contact rugby. How about organising a friendly Touch game with you guys some time (has your season started already? When do you practice?)


Jenny F 15.10.2007 14:52

Re: Any sports persons in Basel???
We practice Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Season has started and we are pretty busy as we have a lot of games coming up. I'm pretty sure they'd be up for a friendly touch rugby game at some point. Best to get in touch with Jörg to arrange it. His details should on the website. Or e mail info@rugbybasel.ch

Mel - maybe contact rugby isn't the best for you if you've broken your collar bone and would now be scared. You are welcome to come along to one of the training sessions and see what you think though. Or come and watch our next match this Sat 20th October.

Touchrugby 16.10.2007 11:33

Re: Any sports persons in Basel???
Thanks Jenny F,

I will give Jörg a beep....we could actually have a mini Touch tournament with the Basel Touch Group participating too;)



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