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rubytuesday 18.04.2021 14:41

Letter from SECO
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Hi all
I received a letter from SECO in March and cannot make head nor tail of it. What means additional days will be added in March - May 21 and then removed? How will this extend the unemployment rahmenfrist? The rahmenfrist still shows the same date as previously. Grateful if someone can clarify.

newtoswitz 18.04.2021 14:47

Re: Letter from SECO
Roughly speaking the days in the March to May period mentioned donít count as part of your time limit, so you get the money but the point you potentially run out of benefit is moved back by three months.

rubytuesday 18.04.2021 22:04

Re: Letter from SECO
Aha thank you! Shame they couldn't have said it quite as such :)

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