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nickatbasel 02.10.2021 12:31

Re: Vote September 26th

Originally Posted by st2lemans (Post 3352267)
Unless the other parent is dead, they do have the other parent as a role model, and are not truly in a single parent family.

My dad's father died in 1944 when my dad was three years old. My dad hardly knew his father. He was raised in a single parent family. Maybe my dad's older brothers served as role models, in between serving in Aden, Kenya, Korea etc. Reality was he hardly spoke to them - the most contact being at their respective funerals.

Blueangel 02.10.2021 15:56

Re: Vote September 26th

Originally Posted by LtSoftDrink (Post 3351806)
Why should “streamlining of adoption laws” supposed to be particularly beneficial to a child who rejected one parent’s choice of a new partner? God forbid (but in some cases sadly doesn’t manage), why should the “surviving parent” have precedence over a biological one who lost quite a few rights in a “normal Swiss” divorce procedure anyway?

Never said anything about divorce. I'm referring to children born as a result of sperm donation, donor egg IVF, and surrogacy outside of Switzerland where only one person in the parents' marriage is the biological parent. If that parent is incapacitated or dies, the other needs to be legally recognised as the parent/guardian, and this is often done through adoption by the non-biological parent.


Originally Posted by LtSoftDrink (Post 3351806)
do keep up at the back...

I have a trans friend who's (thankfully) very patient with my questions when I see a new gender identity term being used. :D Plus, two of my closest friends deliver diversity training courses in police and local government. This last few years has been a huge learning curve for them.

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