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macessex79 29.11.2010 19:32

Thinking of selling UK RHD car
I have a Swiss registered UK right hand drive Vauxhall Astra VXR. The European equivalent car is the Opel Astra OPC (yes, it's a bit of a boy racer).

I've seen similar aged OPCs selling here for 28,000 CHF. In the UK market at the moment, it is selling for about 8,500 (approx 13,000).

The question is could I sell it here for more than I would get for it if I took it back to the UK? Does anyone know any buyers of RHD cars in Switzerland?

Brighouse 29.11.2010 20:03

Re: Thinking of selling UK RHD car
I have a RHD BMW... it's basically worthless here.

Your only hope is to sell it to another Brit.... other than that avenue, there's no market for novelty cars here.

Take it into a dealer and brace yourself for the laughter.

Good luck though;)

On the plus side... no one will ever steal it.

bishybashy 29.11.2010 20:43

Re: Thinking of selling UK RHD car
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You need one of these, maybe there is the mirrored version available.

p42 29.11.2010 21:15

Re: Thinking of selling UK RHD car
Could be worth listing it on Autoscout24.ch for 15,000chf. It will save you the trip to the UK to sell it. The typical speed freak who would buy it is going to be less concerned about RHD than most drivers. Quite a few dealers on there sell write offs, and a conversion to LHD would be less costly, as it already has an MFK, and there is no shortage of LHD Astras in scrap yards for parts, it could make a nice project for someone.

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