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BritishBanker 12.08.2007 12:37

Exporting Car to UK
Hi everybody - I'm new to the forum having just discovered it. A bit late in the day - because I may be moving back to the UK in a couple of months having lived here in Geneva for the past year or so.

Anyway, I need some advice. I bought a car here in Jan 2007 and I'm worried that I will loose alot on the car if I try to sell it in Switzerland given the weakness in the second hand car market. In anycase, I like the car and I wouldn't mind keeping it if I can't sell it for the right price....

Is taking the car back to the UK a viable alternative? Would there be any import duty/vat/tax related issues? Also, would it be more expensive/problematic to get car insurance in the UK?

Thank you all in advance for any input/guidance you can give me.

AbFab 12.08.2007 13:20

Re: Exporting Car to UK
All the caveats about importing a car into Switzerland - already well covered here - would apply the other way round.

You would have (presumably) a left hand drive vehicle that would need registering in the UK. And dependent on age tax/VAT may apply. Its value would be way below the UK version of the car...

Blonaybear 12.08.2007 13:29

Re: Exporting Car to UK
As AbFab has said, when you come to selling a left hand drive car in the UK you will you will find it difficult and you would probably end up worse of than selling it here. Also, driving a left hand drive car is not much fun and you may find the insurance is higher than normal.

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