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chandler 15.05.2011 13:05

constat d'infraction
on a saturday afternoon, to go to migros for groceries, i hopped on to a bus which led me to a violation of the rules.
The store is not far from my place and i actually walk that stretch but since it was raining yesterday, i took a bus. I only had to travel 2 stops in that bus. I also had my zone 11 12 mobilis pass for Lausanne. But i was oblivious to fact that the last stop of that bus was in another zone. As i my luck would have it, the bus had a ticket checker. I showed him my pass but he started to write down the slip. I, unaware, that i had crossed boundaries of another zone asked him that i had my pass ! he told that the stop i got from is in zone 12 but the next stop is in zone 15 :(
I told him i honestly did not know this but rules are rules. I was handed a slip with a 80 CHF payment slip.
Good thing was he told me that i would not have to pay as it was my first offence and that i would receive a letter explaining me the rules and other stuff.
The bad part is that i go into the Switzerland's list of rule breakers, and for the time i have been in Switzerland, one thing i know is that people do not like rule breakers !
A question though : does it infraction go into the canton and does it have an impact on the permit renewal ?

swisspea 15.05.2011 13:29

Re: constat d'infraction
Join the club!

Happened to me within 3-4 weeks of arriving in Zurich...

If you don't have to pay the fine, that would be really lucky (I paid).

As far as I understand, it doesn't become a 'criminal record' unless you fail to pay or do it more than three times...

What made my situation worse is that there was this lady on the same bus who didn't have a ticket at all (at least I'd gone to the trouble of trying to have the correct ticket!)...and the ticket guys kept looking at her as she argued with them over the ticket, and at me, who they had just fined 80chf! - eventually they pulled her off the bus because the longer she argued, the closer she was getting to her destination... and everyone else on the bus was starting too (and wondering why they didn't just hurry up and issue her the fine notice)... :rolleyes:

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