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robogobo 19.05.2011 17:49

Volvo Diesel Mechanic (LU)
Anyone know of a good, trustworthy, not-too-expensive Diesel Mechanic in the Luzern area? I have a 1997 Volvo 850 TDI that's a bit past due on its service. I can do the oil change, brakes, etc myself, but since this is my first diesel, for things like checking the timing chain and inspecting the turbo, I need someone who knows their way around the engine. These older Volvos have Audi engines, so perhaps an Audi guy would be good too.


robogobo 30.05.2011 12:49

Re: Volvo Diesel Mechanic (LU)

Any Volvo enthusiasts out there? I could really use someone to chat with about my 850. She has a few issues. In the States I had a couple of local machanics I could buy a case of beer in exchange for listening to strange noises and giving me their opinion before I cut into my cars. Seems most mechs here are adverse to this sort of camaraderie.

Oh and Derendinger is amazingly expensive. I just bought a drop link for 100fr. List in the US is $40 for a pair. Please help before I go completely broke.

Anthony1406 30.05.2011 12:55

Re: Volvo Diesel Mechanic (LU)
doesnt really exist here imo.
youtube and forums are your friend to get things diagnosed. Also since your car is pretty old, any mechanic should be quit good with it (older mechs)

robogobo 30.05.2011 14:55

Re: Volvo Diesel Mechanic (LU)
Or maybe I should ask if there's a Mechanic who really loves to chat it up in English with his customers. My greatest challenge is learning the technical lingo.

Some things translate: Wheel bearing = Radlager

But most don't: Tie rod = Zuganker


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