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RetiredInNH 03.07.2011 20:43

SBB/CFF electronic ticketing project
Le Matin Dimanche has a long and fascinating article on the planned electronic ticketing system, which would allow time sensitive pricing: Une carte puce pour traquer les voyageurs. According to the French version of SwissInfo "NZZ am Sonntag" and "SonntagsZeitung" also discuss this topic; I hope that someone who understands German will post links.

[Added]:google: News Schweiz led me to what appears to be the SonntagsZeitung article: Elektronische Tickets ab 2017. I love :google: in all its incarnations![/Added]

ChrisW 17.07.2011 08:01

Re: SBB/CFF electronic ticketing project
I've occasionally heard snippets of information about this project over the last few years. When visiting the Swiss Transport Museum in Luzern a couple of years ago, I saw a display all about the latest version that they had been testing. It's great to hear that they have a solid plan to implement the system. However, it seems like a huge undertaking to equip all, or even a significant amount, of Swiss transport with the system. Plus, the idea seems excellent in theory, but would encounter a lot of problems in practice. However, if anyone can figure out how to do it right, then it will be the Swiss, so I look forward to seeing the results.

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