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philh 18.09.2011 02:10

Been thinking about importing a classic Lambretta....
Evening All,

Following a conversation with a friend of mine recently at work on the merits of coming to work via scooter, and not liking the plastic scaled up kiddies toys people are riding today, I started to think about a classic Lambretta (or maybe a Vespa).

Throwing the idea around a bit with colleagues, people seem to like the idea.

So after doing a bit of surfing around there seems to be a lot available (outside of CH I might add - as they're just TOO expensive here) from proper projects (wrecks) in Bella Italia to reasonable refurbs in the UK.

Options that my buddies and I are considering include;

- Buying something ridable and in good condition, and riding it back to CH; kind of a CH mod squad type thing :cool: then looking at what needs doing

- Buying a proper project bike (rusty shell) and doing a complete refurb from scratch.

So a couple of questions here;

- Has anyone done this, and if so what are your experience?

- In terms of decent places for refurbishing etc. are there any local addresses? Is it easier/cheaper to do it in DE for example.

- Can you even get spare parts here in CH?

- Will I have any issues with insurance etc.? As most of the examples i've seen are modified (engine, fuel tank, exhaust, bodywork etc.)

- Do the STVA and insurance ever care about original/mods, emissions etc.? with them being self-imported old-timers?

In terms of models, TV and GTs looks very nice, but any advice from Lammy fans, would be appreciated.



18.09.2011 10:24

Re: Been thinking about importing a classic Lambretta....
This place in Martigny (VS) might supply spares for Lambretta and Vespa.
When I walked past a few months ago he had a number of restored Lambretta and Vespa scooters for sale.

philh 07.11.2011 13:31

Re: Been thinking about importing a classic Lambretta....
Been looking around a little more, and there are definitely some interesting models out there, and reasonable compared to CH prices.

I believe as well from what i've read, as it's over 30 years old the checks and registration becomes easier. Not sure about insurance.

Only thing i'm not sure about it, that some of the components are definitely not original (new disk brakes fitted to a model i'm looking at) so not sure how this effects the overall registeration etc. as I guess being so finding old original original spares are difficult......

Sbrinz 07.11.2011 13:37

Re: Been thinking about importing a classic Lambretta....
Similarly to the importing car threads, there are BIG difficulties in importing vehicles. You can buy on the road old Vespas here, and save yourself a lot of money and hassle with the Strassenvekehsamt,




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