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ellesfah 02.10.2011 16:15

Change of address on car registration form
Hi all,

I have a question re change of address on car registration (grey) form. I tried to do it online, but it seems I am being asked to send the original paper?? Should I make a copy and keep it until they send me a new original (with new address on it) and send the current original grey form together with the form (change of address I filled out online)?? Is there a fee for this service? Is it ok to drive with a copy of car registration? I have a US DL, does this matter? I am in Vaud, btw. Any suggestions?

If there is a post already on this topic, please be so kind to direct me, as I couldn't find any on exactly this topic.

Thanks in advance

FriendlyKiwi 02.10.2011 21:40

Re: Change of address on car registration form
Make a photocopy of the vehicle registration documents for safetys sake and keep them in the car, then send in the original
Common sense really

There will likely be a moderate fee like 30 to 40 CHFs, generally there is an admin fee for everything in CH.

Guest 02.10.2011 21:55

Re: Change of address on car registration form
Might be easier and faster to go to the local auto office and get it changed in person

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