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finesse 20.12.2011 22:36

help: what to do when exporting car

Because of family reasons my wife and the kids will move back(Hungary). I will stay here working, but I wont need the car. I asked for a quote, but they either do not want to buy it, or gave me a ridiculous low price.

So it seems the best is to take it home even if I will be ripped off (as the car is on my name and only my wife is leaving the country I will have to pay 25% VAT,10% custom + registration tax).

My question is: what shall I do here in Switzerland? Just take the plates and the green paper and gave it back to strassenverkehrsamt?

Thanks for any replies.

Anthony1406 21.12.2011 04:59

Re: help: what to do when exporting car
soon as your plates are handed in the insurance and road tax expires. after that Id say see what you need to do at the Hungarian Import place. You can have foreign plates dumped in the country the car is going to ( I dropped my dutch plates here in CH at the OCN no problem) So yourwife can drive back and stay a while perhaps on your insurance etc etc.....

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