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defcon3 26.02.2013 12:43

Emissions Sticker Euro4/Euro5/Euro6 > do they matter?
Hello fellow members,

I searched for Euro5 but fora only returned that the maximum annual fee for carbon emissions is CHF 100 (still, depending on canton)...

However, I remember reading somewhere of problems registering a Euro4 sticker vehicle. Naturally, Euro4 cars are cheaper second hand, so I better ask before jumping head-first into the doodoo...

Are there any limitations to importing and registering for personal (non-business) use a car/crossover with an Euro4 sticker? Any drawbacks? Benefits of Euro5/Euro6 long-term?

Any thoughts and tips welcome. Thanks ;)

defcon3 26.02.2013 15:03

Re: Emissions Sticker Euro4/Euro5/Euro6 > do they matter?
While waiting for an answer, I read through the stickies and one of the links inside lead me to this:


CO2 emission regulations for passenger vehicles from 1 July 2012
The Confederation is aiming to reduce average CO2 emissions in the case of new passenger vehicles. From 1 July 2012, a fine (sanction) will thus have to be paid when new passenger vehicles are registered for the first time if they do not reach a specific target value (on average 130 g of CO2 per km). This sanction will not, however, be imposed at the import customs clearance but will be imposed subsequently by the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO). Therefore, when importing a new passenger vehicle for personal use, please take into account that a sanction tax may be incurred in addition to the customs clearance costs if the target value is not achieved. More detailed information can be found at the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) link below, where answers to other questions on this topic can also be found.

Hope it is useful to those searching after me ;)

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