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juisjuis 28.02.2013 10:28

Import Motorbikes from EU (12 months limit surpassed)
Hi all.

This is the case that I guess is not responded in any of the threads:
-Living in Switzerland for 1,5 years (12 months surpassed)
-I have my bike (CBR600F) in my home town in the EU. Purchased almost 10 years ago.
-The bike has not been declared (in advance) as part of my household.

I read that for household stuff there is a limit of 2 years to import personal stuff.

The case is that as far as I successfully adapted to the country, I would like to take that beauty to Switzerland.

I guess that I have the import process clear in my mind, but I don't know if I should pay import taxes for that bike that has been mine from long ago.

Can you give me some advise on this?

Best regards.


Jonesy 18.03.2013 22:01

Re: Import Motorbikes from EU (12 months limit surpassed)
what did you do at the end? I am in the same situation.

juisjuis 25.03.2013 12:58

Re: Import Motorbikes from EU (12 months limit surpassed)

Originally Posted by Jonesy (Post 1829393)
what did you do at the end? I am in the same situation.


I just read de 18.44 official document in english form the swiss customs.

Seems to be like if you want to implement the process in the city where you live they issue the 15.25 document in the at the border and then you have 2 additional working days to implement the paperwork in your city of living.

Seems to be like we have 2 year to import household stuff.

I went to the customs office in Zürich and they were quite good explaining how to implement this import process, so I recommend you to go to you Kanton's customs office to get information.

In Zurich we spoke in English with no probs.



juisjuis 11.05.2013 12:29

Re: Import Motorbikes from EU (12 months limit surpassed)
Hi all.

My motorbikes are already in Switzerland and following the procedure...

That was the procedure so far:
1.-I arrived to the Swiss border with those bikes in a trailer (on Sunday), so they issued the 15.25 document, which is a temporary document to follow the official procedure somewhere else later on (valid for two working days), in our case in the the Zurich customs office.
2.-We went to the Zurich customs office and they issued the 13.20A document after paying 20CHF. No other money spent there, because I owned those bikes for loooong ago.

Remember that we have surpassed the 12 months limit, so there is no 12 month limit to import your household, that is in reality a 24 months to get your stuff (household) into Switzerland (including vehicles).

Now the next step is going to the strassenverkehrsamt to implement the paperwork there and next for them to do an MFK on my bikes.

I'll keep you posted on how the thing goes in the strassenverkehrsamt


juisjuis 11.07.2013 14:34

Re: Import Motorbikes from EU (12 months limit surpassed)
.... and the story continues...

I called my insurer and with the Stammnummer provided in the 13.20A document from the customs office I got a Insurance proposal. (This proposal is notified by the insurer to the Strassenverkehrsamt directly without you doing anything)

Then I went with:
1.-EU Tech specification for the bike.
2.-EU Street Permit
3.-13.20A Document
4.-Insurance policy went directly from the insurer
5.-The bike is still insured with my EU insurance. And I guess is needed..

to the Strassenverkehrsamt to get an Appointment for the MFK.
They told me that there were some information that was not present in the EU Tech Spec document of the bike so I had to go to an Authorized Engineer to fill a document called "Selbsimport". And they gave me a paper with the MFK appointment.

The Authorized Engineer (Don't need to be one from the official dealer of your brand in Switzerland, I tell you that, because I did it in a not Oficial Garage) will fill out the document/date/sign. You most likely need to pay for them to fill out the document but they didn't charge me anything for it. I would like to suggest to buy the registration plate holder to them if they are so kind not to charge you anything :).

.... and the time goes by....

Day before the MFK.... Clean your bike!!!

MFK Appointment.
1.-Be on time or earlier :)
2.-Get eveything in good shape (all the docs you got).
3.-Let them do the rest.
4.-After a successful MFK go to the Strassenverkehrsamt offices and show the papers filled out by the Strassenverkehrsamt engineer
5.-Get your plates and your swiss bike documentation
6.-Put the plate into the plate holder
7.-Buy a Vignette (and stick it under the seat)
8.-Enjoy the bike

My bike is in Switzerland. NOW I am here!!!! :msngrin::msngrin::msngrin:

I has taken more than a year and a half, but today the sun shines.

I hope this is useful for anyone else...


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