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sayyar 24.07.2013 15:37

How do the SBB Zones work ?
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I have a confusion about SBB Zones and I know that there are many transportation and SBB related threads but I am not able to get any clear idea from these threads.

I stay in Baden (AG) and wanted to travel to Dietikon (ZH). I already have a monthly pass which covers zone 570 and 572.. Now when i opened up the zone map on the SBB site, it showed me that for a train journey, I had to cross zones 570, 572 and 154 to be able to travel from Baden to Dietikon. With this i assumed that i just need a 1 zone addition for zone 154 on top of my pass.

Just to be sure, I went to the SBB ticket counter and the person at the counter said that i have to get a ticket that covers 572, 154 and 184!! When I tried to ask her and question why she gave me a reply that some portion of zone 572 is covered in ZVV and so my A-welle pass will not work there. (Note : This is not how it is shown in the ZVV zone map!)

So, in short, question to those who know and also to those who travel from Baden to Dietikon.. How does this fare system work ? Am I wrong in assuming that we just need the additional zones wrt my monthly pass to travel from point a to b ? Also.. if my train journey does not cross a zone, do i need to buy it (184 in this case) as well ?

Adding a pic of the zonemap for reference..


Sean Connery 24.07.2013 15:40

Re: How do the SBB Zones work ?
She's right.

In short - and as explained in other threads - you need a ticket covering the zone you commence your journey in, all zones crossed and the destination zone.

I might be odd but it's rather simple. And after a number of zones, it's better to have a GA.

LargeDragon 24.07.2013 16:05

Re: How do the SBB Zones work ?
Have to say that the SBB ticket office offers you a 3 zone ticket for the S12, Baden to Dietikon, direct. I think the problem is you can't get a one zone upgrade, you need a 1-2 zone upgrade, so you have to specify which two. Sure this was discussed a few weeks back on EF. Of course the proposed inclusion of 184 would also cover the bus :).

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