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Spongeali 11.02.2015 13:26

Ordering Car Rims with winter tyres
Hi everyone,

I have been trying to purchase rims with winter tyres for my car (from the UK), when I try and order these I am always asked about a Type Approval Number, a 6 digit alphanumerical code.

I have not come accross this value before but was told it should be possible to find the details by the chassis details of the car. I have found a panel in the car which lists these details, however I cannot confirm that this is the correct value as nothing actually says type approval number.

Has anyone else experienced this?

skallywag 11.02.2015 16:29

Re: Ordering Car Rims with winter tyres
in UK now most autofactors only supply spares based on the registration number or VIN number of the car which allows their systems to make sure that they are a precise match to the car version. it is common. Just send them the VIN number off the car registration plate, many cars now even have it on a clear pannel you can see from the outside of the car through the windscreen to allow the police to check if the number plates have been stolen

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