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Pernilleskokken 24.02.2015 20:58

Recommendation for a car dealer/mechanic (giving, not asking) [ZH]

I'd like to recommend the garage where we bought our used car and went for tiny repairs.

We bought a car from Solero Automobile in Fehraltorf last April and felt the guy was very correct (Mr Solero himself, the son, we didn't speak much to the father) and he gave us a discount when we just asked if he could make an effort (we probably could've asked for more but didn't). And he delivered the car to our home.

Today, I go to him to change the lightbulbs of the lights in front, and check out some noise in the front and remove the hanger thing for caravans at the back. All in all about 45min work, and 50chf. I think that's a fair price.

He's friendly and speaks alright english and doesn't try to sell you stuff you don't need.

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