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baboon 11.06.2015 11:19

Swiss to (partially) introduce baggage fees from 23 June
Although they have cunningly disguised it in their press release (http://www.swiss.com/corporate/EN/me...lease-20150602), from 23rd June Swiss will be introducing separate fees for baggage within their cheapest fares, thus adopting the same system as Easyjet, Ryanair et al.

Given how this works everywhere else, if you're travelling with baggage get your fare booked before 23 June.

"The next major step will follow on 23 June (and at a later date for the further airlines of the Lufthansa Group) through the adoption of a new modular and flexible fare concept for travel within Europe, with tailored fare packages and further add-on services. The new concept with its new “Light”, “Classic” and “Flex” Economy Class fares enables customers to choose precisely the fare package that meets their specific travel needs and, in doing so, pay only for the services that they actually require."

(apologies for rubbish quoting and linking...can't get the buttons to work)

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