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superbee 25.08.2015 13:04

Selling a car? How do I get the payment?

We are planning to sell our second car privately. Having never done this type of transaction before, I was wondering if you could please give me some advice.

If someone wants to test drive the car in the neighborhood, how do I let them do it in a safe manner?

How do I receive the payment for the car? Should I insist on cash? If so, how do I know whether the notes are genuine?

Are there any other ways in which payment can be given.

Do I need to take a deposit?

Are there any document transactions involved? Do we need to go to the bureau of vehicles together? What about the license plates?

So sorry, I have so many questions. Such a newbie :o

Mullhollander 25.08.2015 13:54

Re: Selling a car? How do I get the payment?
This thread should answer most of your questions:


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