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bereng 18.05.2008 18:29

Warranty period on garage repairs?

I am having the same issue with my car after it got repaired 2,5 months ago.

Which is the mandatory, by law, warranty period I am entitled to for repairs? Is that from when you delivered the car to the garage or from when you get the car back (date you pay)?

Just in case they try to play games with me, as it was a 2000CHF bill!


AbFab 18.05.2008 18:54

Re: Warranty period on garage repairs?
You'll only get as good an answer as the question you ask.

So we have no idea how long the repairs took or what they were. 2.5 months does not seem long and I would expect 'something' repaired or replaced to last longer...

bereng 18.05.2008 19:41

Re: Warranty period on garage repairs?
Thanks for the answer,

the auto transmission used to jolt when going into R. They repaired and replaced parts and it was smooth for 2 months. Lately the auto gearbox is jolting again when going into R.

Repair took 1 week.


hoover 18.05.2008 20:12

Re: Warranty period on garage repairs?
AMAG or Emil F would give you 2 years on parts and repair for your car when original parts have been used. Other problem is whenever something else is broken and they replaced wrong thing and now would have to replace 'right thing' .

I know that Audi/BMW would repair it again free of charge

good luck

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