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macro 15.08.2017 10:18

Parking free or cheap in Geneve
I am moving to Geneve for one year. For moving my stuff, I would need to carry with me my car and I plan to keep it for 15days/ one month before bringing it back home. My apartment in Geneve is around the main station ( the tram 14 and 18 are the closest public transport lines).
During this period I won't need the car much, do you know where I could park it?
For me it would be okay also very far from the city center, if cheap or free.
I read that it is possible to park on the blue zones for 20CHF a day and in P+R parking slots for 10CHF. Do you know if in this P+R it is possible to drop the car and paying when you exit, or you have to pay in advance on a daily base?

Or, do you know places where I can abandon my car for this long period for free or cheap? (Even 45 minutes of public transport ride or in France would be okay, since I would probably use the care only during the weekends).

Thank you very much, any help would be precious!

topswit 15.08.2017 10:56

Re: Parking free or cheap in Geneve
Check this one out.. its a new parking area in Meyrin, close to 18 tram stop (Meyrin Village).


They do have monthly subscriptions.


theUser 15.08.2017 10:56

Re: Parking free or cheap in Geneve
There are free street parking spots in Carouge on Avenue de Crevin/Avenue Potter. It's a 10-minute walk from the tram stop.
We left our car once for 6 weeks and eventually got a CHF 40 ticket just because there was supposed to be some minor construction work and we were not there to see the notice and move the car around the corner - shouldn't be an issue for you if you can check on the car once a week.

macro 15.08.2017 11:47

Re: Parking free or cheap in Geneve
Thank you very much for your helpful replies!

@topswit This could be a solution. May I ask you what is the price that I should pay? From the website they say CHF 100.- Tax exclusive but then on the request form there is written "Abonnement mensuel: CHF 100 - (prix de référence: CHF 180.-)(En cas d’assujettissement à la TVA, celle–ci sera ajoutée en sus des prix ci-dessus))" the two prices are quite different, is 180 the price with VAT? Sorry, if the question is silly.

@theUser This sounds great. How can I understand that they are free parking spots? Do they have white lines? Are there other signs that I should take into consideration?

Thanks again!

topswit 15.08.2017 12:42

Re: Parking free or cheap in Geneve
I think it is CHF 100+VAT for unreserved parking.

Nevertheless, please get in touch with them (contact no. in the link provided earlier) for more information and options.


theUser 15.08.2017 16:36

Re: Parking free or cheap in Geneve
Spaces in Carouge on the two streets that I mentioned are white boxes and no signs indicating max duration (while some other streets have 10-hour or 3-hour signs)

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