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Paullll 05.08.2019 11:29

EU student driving in Switzerland
I am a student in Switzerland, with an EU passport and a nice friend who lent me his car (registered in an EU country) for the time being.

I talked to the customs and they said that they need a declaration from my friend saying that he is happy to lend me the car to drive around here, and I'll get a piece of paper saying that I can drive it (this being some sort of exemption for students that are allowed to keep the cars from home).

Now, I am here for about 11 months now. The question is, should I change the driving licence, or am I exempt for that too? Is there any problem if I do change it, since I'll be driving a car not registered in Switzerland?

roegner 05.08.2019 13:16

Re: EU student driving in Switzerland
You have to chance your driving license (if you want to continue driving), and yes, driving a EU car may cause issues. I think the answer to that was extensively given in another thread.

aSwissInTheUS 05.08.2019 15:10

Re: EU student driving in Switzerland
The car is the car which is mostly a customs administration issue.
The driver is the driver which is mostly a traffic administration issue.
Both are unrelated and separate from each other.

To drive any car you must have a valid driving license. A foreign driving license is no longer valid for driving in Switzerland after being a resident for more than 12 months. After that you must have a Swiss driving license if zou wish to drive in Switzerland. Exception if you are a diplomat or a professional driver (lorry, taxi, bus, ambulance), than other rules apply.

In addition the car you are driving must have proper valid insurance, must be roadworthy, has its customs status in order, must have a valid license plate, and has its road tax status in order.

Be aware that a car normally needs a Swiss license plate when it has been in the country for more than 12 months (Once again exemptions and other rules for diplomats and work vehicles). This is regardless of any exemption given by the customs authority.

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