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wanderCH 28.04.2020 09:38

Car rental with 24/7 parking?
Mobility has 24/7 access and no worries about parking (just rent when you need it), but is expensive for longer trips.

Traditional car rental companies are cheaper for longer trips, but one has to pick up during business hours and somehow park it overnight if the trip would start early the next day.

Do any car rental companies in Zurich offer 24/7 parking as an add-on? For example, rent for a period of 2-3 days and have parking available at/near the rental location for the whole period? (Without relying on blue zones).

Axa 28.04.2020 10:35

Re: Car rental with 24/7 parking?
Zürich airport? May not be 24/7, but surely longer opening times compared to other car rentals.

GParker 28.04.2020 22:07

Re: Car rental with 24/7 parking?
Sixt at Hardbrucke have allowed me to do that. They gave me a few car park exit tickets to let myself out each morning and didn't charge.... its not an officially offered service so ask nicely :)

Shivaani 22.05.2020 10:46

Re: Car rental with 24/7 parking?
I also had requested for Parking spots and was provided by Sixt. You could get those only by calling up the location or while picking up the car.

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