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ArcticPiper 30.06.2020 14:52

Bike path in Muri bei Bern
Hi, We are planning a move to Bern in September. I have been doing some research, and it looks like the Muri bei Bern area would be great for our family. I know that there are buses and a tram that connect the cities. However, I would prefer to ride my bike on nice days. Does anyone know if there is a bike path that connects them, and if not how safe it is to bike on the road (I would be riding with my toddler)? Thank you!

Guest 30.06.2020 15:16

Re: Bike path in Muri bei Bern
Bern calls itself Velohauptstadt ( Velo= Pushbike/ haupstadt = capital city )

The entire city is geared very much to enable push bke traffic

Unfortunately the link is in german only but it shows some of the bike paths and maps


This link below is in english

Then depending on where you'll live in the end, you can also travel along the riverside of the Aare, the river that flows through the city.

It is really very push bike friendly here, i am living just 2 villages away from Muri ;)

aSwissInTheUS 30.06.2020 15:22

Re: Bike path in Muri bei Bern
You can also find the major bike routes on the Veloland map at Schweizmobil.ch

See: https://map.schweizmobil.ch/?lang=en...279&bgLayer=pk

Susie-Q 30.06.2020 15:23

Re: Bike path in Muri bei Bern
Yes it is, I am taking my bike right by your village on the river today. Enjoy your new home, it is a lovely place to live. :)

aSwissInTheUS 30.06.2020 15:29

Re: Bike path in Muri bei Bern

ArcticPiper 01.07.2020 16:55

Re: Bike path in Muri bei Bern
Thank you all! It looks like one of the bike paths even takes me near my (future) office. That is great news.

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