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canderson 27.07.2020 19:01

Selling car with small dent, best course of action?
Hi all,

Unfortunately due to COVID I have ot leave Switzerland this fall and cannot bring my car with me which is causing me to have to sell my car right away.

I bought the car brand new at a good price (20k CHF last year). When I was on a work project in Italy the car got a small dent on rear passenger side parking in one of those tiny garages.

I went to get some quotes on the repair this week with all floating around 1000 CHF, but everyone said the dent can be fixed and repainted no problem.

I have about 6 weeks before I need to leave the country and am not sure the best course of action is. Repair the car and sell it? Sell the car with dent? Is it difficult (or impossible) to sell a car with minor damage here and should I be prepared to take a major hit?

And what is the protocol when selling a car after repairing the dent and scratch? Is this something that has to be reported/is reported like Carfax in the USA? Will there be a record that the car had minor damage?

Just cant decide whether to go through with the repairs or just take a major hit and try to sell the car with the damage as I dont have much time left! Thanks for any help.

AbFab 27.07.2020 19:06

Re: Selling car with small dent, best course of action?
Reduce the price by CHF1500 to cover the repair and the buyer‘s inconvenience of getting it fixed - or pay for it to be fixed yourself if your insurance won‘t cover it.

That wasn‘t too difficult was it??

fatmanfilms 27.07.2020 20:30

Re: Selling car with small dent, best course of action?
Get it fixed in France or Germany for €200-400 or do nothing. You will likely get 65% of what you expect possibly less as you need to sell in 6 weeks.

The_Love_Doctor 27.07.2020 20:39

Re: Selling car with small dent, best course of action?
If it was brand new... what kind of insurance and deductible do you have?

Stating the obvious of course but I heard of people who didn’t bother claiming for such things when it was all covered by the insurance.

Otherwise small dents and scrapes are hardly worth fixing if you’re gonna sell because there is essentially no increase in market value if you fix and the drop in market value if you leave it is usually much lower than the cost and hassle to fix.

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