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me.anon 13.09.2020 13:46

"New" SBB Luggage Lockers
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I don't use these often, and the first time I came across the "new" variety was on Friday at Lucern main railway station. For those who don't know, these differ from the old blue lockers in that they are credit card operated from a central console, replacing the individual coin mechanisms on each door. Further, you don't get a key, you get a slip of paper with a code.
A tip was to take a photograph of the paper slip, which I duly did. On returning to collect the deposited items some time later, I though I'd try to present my mobile phone screen, showing a picture of the QR (bar) code, to the scanner instead of the actual paper slip. It didn't work. I didn't have too much time to experiment, so I gave up and presented the original paper ticket to gain access to the locker. I guess I'd have had the option option of typing the code number in manually so the photograph would have still been useful in the case that I had lost the original ticket.
I'll be curious to hear if anyone who is inclined to experiment with these things has any success using a picture on a mobile phone to open such a locker. Possible reasons for my failure were that the picture was not exactly straight, that the magnification was wrong, the screen contrast was poor etc. I can think of a number of scenarios where this could be useful, including the loss of the original ticket.


swissotter 13.09.2020 15:11

Re: "New" SBB Luggage Lockers
I've been using this code system at Zurich HB for a couple of years. I prefer it to having a key. (I've always used the paper to open, haven't tried using the photo)
But the last time I used it I accidentally threw away the receipt before I could take a pic of it.
I fortunately remembered the locker number and at left luggage the SBB staff opened the locker after I gave details of my credit card, time of drop off. I had to pay a fine of CHF15? (can't remember exactly) But I was just grateful to have sorted it out in under 20 mins to catch my flight after.

blackbird 13.09.2020 21:28

Re: "New" SBB Luggage Lockers
The price of the lockers have increased a lot in the new system, before you paid 6 sfr for 24 hours, now ::::::


So much for the progess.

bowlie 13.09.2020 22:03

Re: "New" SBB Luggage Lockers
Geneva airport railway station has had them for a couple of years. They have worked the few times I used them, but it was quite confusing the first time. Iím glad I wasnít short of time.

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