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MrBurnley 21.09.2020 12:58

SuisseFox G1 Guarantee
Good afternoon everyone,

Once again I come for your sage advice, though on a different topic than usual.

I'm considering buying a used car. It's a 2017, in good nick from what I can tell, just had an MFK, and seems very well priced, but it does have 100K on the clock. It is an ex-lease and according to the dealer the last driver worked as a sales person for a company that served the entire country, so it is mostly highway driving. Nevertheless, high mileage is high mileage so I'm keen to protect myself in some way. As means of a guarantee the dealer mentioned SuisseFox G1 for 1 year could become part of the deal.


From what I understand this is a third party warranty / insurance that will cover the engine, gearbox, axels (the stuff I am mostly worried about), and that it goes through the dealer, as he is also a garage that does services. Does anyone have experience with this particular guarantee (or something similar)? Do they typically pay out or is it a case of fighting tooth and nail over specifics to determine what is fair usage etc? It's not something I am familiar with at all. Any information would be helpful.

Thanks in advance!

LuganoPirate 21.09.2020 13:16

Re: SuisseFox G1 Guarantee
A few years ago I was offered an extended warranty on a used car. I can't remember the cost but I did tell the dealer to throw in the policy as part of the deal and he did. I had no problems with the vehicle so never made a claim so can't help you there.

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