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Mr.Maquiavelo 04.11.2020 12:44

Re: Car tyre load index?
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Hi everyone, thank you for your feedback and the super interesting discussions 😎 to wrap it up here are the mounted tyres looking good :D

I got the official written approval from BMW directly.

aSwissInTheUS 04.11.2020 13:08

Re: Car tyre load index?

Originally Posted by fatmanfilms (Post 3232782)
Was the bike OK?

Yes it was. Was not the old lady in red wouldn't use it on salty roads. Me as well.


Originally Posted by newtoswitz (Post 3231632)
It's possible my Swiss registered Ford is an outlier, but it definitely shows the full tyre specification on the driver information label for a range of options - wheel size, width, profile, maximum weight and speed rating.

Finally found it on GF's Toyota Yaris. The sticker is in the glove box, hidden by all the stuff crammed in said box.

Landers 04.11.2020 13:18

Re: Car tyre load index?

Originally Posted by aSwissInTheUS (Post 3232756)
:msnmad: Such a bull shitter managed to rear end me last year. Not lot of fun being suddenly jolted forwards on a motorbike. Luckily, no whiplash injury and he took full responsibility, even insisted on the cops being called on the scene.

Sorry to hear that. So you had him prosecuted for driving an unroadworthy vehicle? Post up the pics you took of his tyres and the report that showed the tyres were unsafe to use. Go ahead and groan. I don't take any notice. You rear-end anybody and in pretty much all cases you're held responsible. I doubt he called the cops and turned himself in because he had old tyres.

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