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Northman 26.03.2021 15:00

Deregistering the car abroad - requirement
A car I have on foreign plates is being auction off with the help of the insurance. The auction house claims a sale contract cannot be perfected until the vehicle is de-registered abroad.
My problem is that in the home jurisdiction it is not possible to deregister a car without presenting a sell (or recycle) legally valid contract, one cannot simply take a car out of registration beforehand. Catch-22.

Has anyone met this requirement here, of providing proof of deregistering abroad before the Swiss would register it?

They can't point me to a legal or regulatory requirement, and I have a feeling it's a made up issue.

st2lemans 26.03.2021 15:03

Re: Deregistering the car abroad - requirement
When I brought my motorcycle with me and drove it for a year on US plates, I didn't de-register it in the US before registering it here.


Landers 26.03.2021 15:20

Re: Deregistering the car abroad - requirement
I also didn't need to deregister my car before putting it on Swiss plates but I did need to get an EU export stamp in order to get the rentry papers with the Swiss Stammnummer on it, which I believe to be the Swiss registration number. If you have the Stammnummer (from form 13.20?) you could ask if that is enough? I would think that is possibly your problem. They want to make sure that the car has been "verzollt" (imported). The foreign plates maybe make them think you're a tourist.

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