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Antek 06.04.2021 16:28

Moving with a car after leasing

Iíve read many posts here but I have a little tricky case.
I am aware of 6 months usage rule and 12 months rule for registering foreign car in Switzerland.

However I am not sure how they count 6 months. Here is my case:
As self employed in my home country I bought a new car 4 years ago (2017), but it was lease contract. I was using it, insured it etc, but it was not registered under my name.
In February 2021 lease contract ended. I paid invoice with price of 1% of value and registered it under my name?

Question: Will 6 months rule apply? Am I using it 4 years or just 3 months?
In case itís 3 months, how they calculate duties? Based on invoice I paid?

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