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liufa 07.06.2021 19:37

Can i sell newly imported car with form 13.20A?
We have moved from Lithuania to Switzerland (Aargau) recently and got two cars through customs, got forms 13.20A for both.

Due to lack of parking space at work and home, I have bought a motocycle and we are thinking of getting by with a single car.

We moved roughly only a month ago, so I didn't do anything regarding vehicle registration yet, it still has Lithuanian plates on it.

Can I sell the car with 13.20A (like on ricardo.ch) or transfer of ownership will be a problem?

Would dealer, who likely will pay less for the car, but will be more capable of handling paperwork, would be a better option overall? Considering that car (2009 Mazda5) isn't worth that much anyway.

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