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Re: 30kph in towns/cities survey

Now an anecdote.

Before covid, when everyone went to the office, I took 2 trains and 1 bus to get to the office. The 1st train was a feeder train that arrived to Lenzburg where I took the S11 in Lenzburg direction ZH. Then descended in a station in the forest (Mellingen-Heistesberg) and took a bus to the office. 37 min door to door, nice.

It worked for 1 year, then some long term works started and the feeder train arrived late 1 or 2 times a week to Lenzburg, missed the connection and the travel time became 1h5m or 1h10m. The train arrived on time to the station but we waited 500m outside the station waiting for another train to leave. I saw a late German ICE stop, the S11 I had to take leave, a cargo trains pass, and I along all the other passengers waiting for a free track to arrive. Our train that took us from villages to offices was literally a 3rd class train with the lowest priority. I wrote 3 letters to SBB explaining the train was important for lots of people going to work, hey I have a GA. They answered two times saying they were looking for a solution.

2 years later I got tired, cancelled the GA and got the car for fun and commuting purposes. Covid comes, train frequency goes down and somehow SBB finds a way to screw up. Several trains are cancelled for months because "no driver". I did not need it anymore, just realized that the train that took me to office was truly a 3rd class one because in spite of being full of people every morning, it was cancelled. https://www.srf.ch/news/regional/aar...rbindungen-aus

No worries anymore, with home office, I just drive when I wan to

PS. the day people commits suicide by jumping in front of cars and not trains I'll reconsider the GA.
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Re: 30kph in towns/cities survey

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I'm torn.

If noise is the issue, then they should really look into what is causing the noise. It's not Hans-Peter in his Tesla, is it? More like Justin-Blerim in his souped up Bavarian fartmobile and they can be just as noisy at lower speeds, if anything, they tend to rev even more out of sheer spite. Make it illegal (as in, lose your licence for a month illegal) to have the flap exhaust set to open after 9 pm and before 7 am, problem partially sorted. I'm sure the more car savvy are about to explain to me that this is not feasible, yadda yadda, but honestly, if I am not allowed to randomly let off fireworks in the middle of the street at night, I don't see why cars should be allowed to make so much noise.

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I would be in favour simply because of the noise (and it's not just engine noise and that electric cars make less), it's also wind and road/tyre noise. I used to live by the river in Züriwest, the speed limit was 50 and I couldn't sleep at night with the windows open, they knocked it down to 30 and I could. I don't know the exact science, but I'm sure I read somewhere that the noise reduction is something like 60% going from 50 to 30 kmph.

I've lived by a busy 50kph street, and in a neighbourhood more prone to fartmobiles than most (Birchstrasse Oerlikon), and trust me noise is coming from the tires not the farts. If anything you get 1-2 a*holes per hour, and a couple more on rush hour. The annoying thing is always the tire noise, and that will not go away easily (or at all). The exhausts are just more noticeable and you remember them because they're louder and break away from the constant hum of the tires.

My (admittedly anecdotal) experience is supported by my parents' place in Greece. A major road passes by unfortunately, speed limits are a joke there, and MFK doesn't care for straight pipes that smash windows. Even there, tire noise is the main issue, even though there a lot more (and a lot louder) exhausts passing by.
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