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19.03.2006 13:14

Lost Number Plate
Anyone lost a ZH number plate and knows what to do?

In SG it was easy, just go to an online form, fill it in, and that's it. 24 hours later the plate(s) arrived.

In ZH it looks like you have to first report it to the police and then contact the Verkehrsamt to get a new one.

What I really need to know is can I use the car in the 10 (quoted) days it takes to get a new plate?

Any help appreciated.


Syshack 19.03.2006 15:30

Re: Lost Number Plate

You need definately to call the police first. They should tell you if you can use the car meanwhile. I would assume that you can get a confirmation or something that states that you have lost your number plates, but I am not sure about it.

The procedure is described on the website of the STVA Zürich:

19.03.2006 16:01

Re: Lost Number Plate
Yes, thanks for the pointer - been there already but I was hoping that there was a nice little web form hidden away somewhere a la the SG system. It's crappy that you have to call the police, then the Schilderbüro, and then it could take 10 days.

oh well, Switzerland wins again.

20.03.2006 11:27

Re: Lost Number Plate
OK, so here's the info from the Polizei:

1. Do nothing for a week, it might turn up
2. After a week report it to the polizei (but I'm trying to do that now, let me report it you big fool)
3. Do not use the car until it has 2 plates - except in emergencies
4. If stopped, tell them it's reported (it's not!!)

Blinking heck.

Lob 20.03.2006 11:47

Re: Lost Number Plate
you're not the first that this has happened to ;)
also - I've managed to drive around with NO plates on. Nobody cared.


dino 20.03.2006 17:10

Re: Lost Number Plate
ouch Rob... you may well be right, but having lived in CH for 5 years, I somehow find it extremely hard to believe that 'nobody cared'

it's quite likely that nobody noticed....!

and that, as you will agree, is a whole different animal....:D

Lob 20.03.2006 17:18

Re: Lost Number Plate
luckily they were in the trunk of the car; the joys of having one set of plates and two cars was fun until I realised that I could not drive both at the same time....

11.04.2006 19:35

Re: Lost Number Plate
.... so I called the police. Wait a while they said, and see if it turns up. I waited two weeks and then I got a letter saying it was found, come and get it.

I went to pick it up and the chap behind the counter gave me a bent and twisted lump of metal that may or may not have been my number plate.

I laughed, like you would.

"Hold on a minute" he says and goes out back, there is much banging and grinding, and he comes back with a plate restored almost to it's former self.

Now that's good service.

The funny thing is the found report which said km 26 of the highway by Uster. Hmmm. Haven't driven up or down that since before January so I've no idea how it got there.

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