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josk 22.02.2007 17:24

zone extension to 24hr zone 10 pass??
hi folks
does anyone know if i can do this and how i would do it using a tram stop ticket machine?

scenario as follows:

i have a 24 hour zone 10 city pass but want to go to kilchberg and back tomorrow - can i buy some kind of zone extension to cover the kilchberg leg of the journey - i intend to be in kilchberg for more than an hour. I will be taking the bus to kilchberg so need to get the zone extension from a machine rather than station ticket counter.

any help greatly appreciated.

all the best

Lob 22.02.2007 17:28

Re: zone extension to 24hr zone 10 pass??
it's called an Anschlüssbillet, *101 on the machines I think (for 1-2 zones)

Kat 22.02.2007 17:32

Re: zone extension to 24hr zone 10 pass??
That's easy - as far as I know, you just need to get an Anschlussbillette - you need to plug the appropriate code into the machine depending on how many extra zones you cover in order to get to Kilchberg. The codes can be found amongst the blurb at the bottom of the machine front. It's something like *002 for 1 or 2 zones, then *003 for three zones and so on - it's fairly easy to find.


Beaten to it! As for the codes - looks like you'd better check before you buy ;-)

Lob 22.02.2007 17:35

Re: zone extension to 24hr zone 10 pass??
I used to roam the trams with only a valid Anschlüssbillet; it was far cheaper than a "proper" ticket. *101 I'm sure!

And yes, I was checked too ;)

Once I actually started redeveloping my German, I was horrified :D

Kat 22.02.2007 17:41

Re: zone extension to 24hr zone 10 pass??
I get them to go out to the airport quite a lot and *002 rings a bell - but then I have been kown to buy a Klassenwechsel instead of an Anschlussbillette before and my German is fluent - I was obviously just having a particularly blonde moment :msneek: Luckily the nice SBB lady who checked the tickets was having a 'nice' day and turned a blind eye once she'd had a good laugh at my expense. Ahem.

Lob 22.02.2007 17:53

Re: zone extension to 24hr zone 10 pass??
ah maybe I was floating around on a Klassenwechsel (1st class upgrade). It was probably cheaper ;)

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