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finesse 30.04.2009 17:56

importing household items
I am just through it so I thought I write a few sentences about it.

We paid a guy to transport the staff with a Sprinter but we did the customs clearance.

First we had to deal with our country’s customs which I do not want to detail as it could be different in countries.

For the swiss part: you should fill in form 18.44 (it is easy and can be filled in English) and the detailed list of the items. (both can be found here: http://www.ezv.admin.ch/zollinfo_pri...x.html?lang=en)
You should add to these the copy of the permit, your rent contract, and work contract.

We had only one issue: the van had overweight (we as we did not know how much is the weight of the stuff, wrote the max on the paper, and the guy with the van forgot to measure it). So I had to go back to the border as we were already at our destination, and I had to pack items of 300kg to the Subaru from the van. Which I do not think was successful, but anyway after it they just let me go (after I paid 30 chf for the two measures of the van, which happened only once but I was happy with that J)

Good luck

30.04.2009 18:27

Re: importing household items
What do you mean by overweight? that there is a weight limit? or that items weighed more than a declared weight? i need to import my stuff from the UK soon and would be interesting to learn what you did.

finesse 03.05.2009 17:23

Re: importing household items
the van has a maximum weight it can carry.(ours had I think 1200kg max and we had 1500 kg)

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