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02.07.2009 17:39

Gubrist Tunnel
What is wrong with these road works by the Gubrist Tunnel, everytime there is massive queue and then when I get to the acutal tunnel its free moving:confused:

Badener 23.08.2011 22:44

Re: Gubrist Tunnel
Driving towards Zurich into the tunnel, I've come to the conclusion that it's not actually the tunnel where the bottleneck occurs, but rather where the traffic joins the motorway from sliproads before the tunnel. Once all the traffic has merged, it seems to go ok.

Castro 23.08.2011 23:34

Re: Gubrist Tunnel
Any news on that third tunnel? I've been doing the ZH commute for almost a month now and the Gubrist tunnel is definitely a pain. Having said that, its still nothing compared to the M25 Western Stretch <Crosses himself>

Badener 24.08.2011 22:26

Re: Gubrist Tunnel
It says here, that construction is starting in 2012. Bad news is, it'll take 7 years to complete.

(pdf brochure on the right side of the page gives a summary)

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