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jg09 28.07.2009 12:39

Czech Airlines - Does it suck?
Was wondering if anyone has ever flown Czech Airlines... Am unfamiliar but must fly it tomorrow. Any warnings/advise/stories to relay? danke :)

flow23 28.07.2009 12:44

Re: Czech Airlines - Does it suck?
why should there be any? and what do you expect to happen in -where do you go, prague?- 1.5h max haul within europe? if easyjet hasnt killed you...nobody else will. i flew with them to prague in 06. ok for me...

Village Idiot 28.07.2009 12:47

Re: Czech Airlines - Does it suck?
They're on par with other European short-haul airlines. No better, no worse.

jg09 28.07.2009 12:47

Re: Czech Airlines - Does it suck?
ZRH - Prague, then Prague-Moscow.

Thus wondering if anyone had any connection nightmares; if they habitually cancel flights or have a headache-inducing track record...

Castro 28.07.2009 12:50

Re: Czech Airlines - Does it suck?
Absolutely bog standard Euro carrier, I flew them to Prague last year with no issues.

jg09 28.07.2009 12:56

Re: Czech Airlines - Does it suck?
thank you! feel better now :)

mavina 28.07.2009 12:58

Re: Czech Airlines - Does it suck?
It completely does not suck. Why would you think that?

I flew CZ Airlines a few times last year. I thought it was a great airline. It was cheap, clean, on time and the people were nice. I fly often and compared to the other low cost European carriers CZ Air is on the top of my list.

edit- the big carriers like United, Delta, KLM, etc. are the WORST offenders at late departures/arrivals, missed connections, poor service, etc. Most smaller carriers work hard to maintain their customer base.

28.07.2009 13:02

Re: Czech Airlines - Does it suck?
Try this site:


Mx2000 28.07.2009 13:04

Re: Czech Airlines - Does it suck?
I flew with Czech Airlines several times a few years ago. The worst thing that happened was that I spilled some coffee because of turbulence. Other than that, perfectly standard airline!

aki 28.07.2009 13:07

Re: Czech Airlines - Does it suck?
Their safety record is far better than some major European carriers.

mikro 28.07.2009 13:28

Re: Czech Airlines - Does it suck?
Hi, my sister works for Czeck Airlines and i also often flew with them so i can give you some first hand information. IT IS OK! Shouldn't be no problems, once i even red that CSA are best in NOT loosing your luggage. Only now they are little bit saving money so on board you can get only still water, apple/ orange juice, coffe & tea for free. You have to pay for rest. And can not forget the sandwich which is ... but still better then on the swiss planes.
The airport is nothing special, they have recently build a new Terminal, where you will land, and you can see they were saving money where they could, but it works. Take the beer Pilsner Urquell and you'll be fine!
I often use the conection ZRH-PRG buying tickets on www.click4sky.cz the price is always same and for return ticket it's 190CHF.
Have a pleasant flight!

flow23 28.07.2009 13:38

Re: Czech Airlines - Does it suck?

Originally Posted by mikro (Post 505553)
Take the beer Pilsner Urquell

is there any other choice, really? the heck no!
make this brand to be standard everywhere on tap/bottles served! :msngrin:

MusicChick 29.07.2009 14:22

Re: Czech Airlines - Does it suck?
I flew them a lot, they are good. Smooth and pleasant, nothing lost on the way either. I even survived a plane being hit by lightning couple of times during an evil tropic storm, horrid flight, the pilot was a total pro..

esto 31.07.2009 18:56

Re: Czech Airlines - Does it suck?
I've flow Czech Air several times and can say all my experiences have been good ones. The flight crew is always very nice, and even gives the kids little toys or coloring books, which is rare these days when you consider other airlines (cough*SAS*) make you pay 10 EUR for a ham sandwich :rolleyes:

I've had several bad experiences with Austrain Air flight crews, they have been rude to me on several occasions :mad: ...and I flew once with BA ZH/Heathrow and there was only 1 pilot (I thought they always have to have 2??) and she left the cabin door open when landing at Heathrow :msnshock:, which I thought was a big no-no in the post-Sept.11th world :msncrazy:

PS- I'd also reccomend Malev (Hungarian) they are cheap and good as well...

Bubbbel 31.07.2009 23:47

Re: Czech Airlines - Does it suck?
Not at all, even during overall crisis they have continued to offer food and drinks in economy and in fact personal has been always friendly:).

mxp 11.10.2013 13:36

Re: Czech Airlines - Does it suck?
They are reducing frequencies (again) for the upcoming winter season. ZRH willl be served with a turbo-prop.

mxp 11.10.2013 13:50

Re: Czech Airlines - Does it suck?
...ATR-72 once a day.

MusicChick 11.10.2013 14:27

Re: Czech Airlines - Does it suck?
That's a shame. Easyjet quit GE-PRG, now this.. :(

Tom1234 11.10.2013 14:33

Re: Czech Airlines - Does it suck?
The engines suck

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