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18.06.2007 09:54

Motor boat operating license
Has anyone taken their boating license within Switzerland, or has anyone a boating license from another country and had it transfered to CH?
Recommended instruction schools??? around Murten, Neuch, Biel?

Lob 18.06.2007 10:02

Re: Motor boat operating license
http://www.englishforum.ch/other-gen...hlight=sailing should cover some of it.

18.06.2007 10:22

Re: Motor boat operating license
I did get all the official docs from the local area, so those questions are answered, but I haven't seen anyone mention getting their own license transfered.
I know taking the lessons here are crazy, price 150-200 per hour and time, so I prefer to get mine outside and do the same as the car license, transfer and finished.

Lob 18.06.2007 10:25

Re: Motor boat operating license
I'd say if you renounce your residency and then go do it, you might get away with it.

I certainly know at least one person who tried what you're suggesting with a motorbike licence and now still has to pass the Swiss test.

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