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Idgie 16.12.2012 12:52

One-time free or good deal events
A while ago, I started a thread on good deals in Switzerland.


By now, this thread has grown quite a bit, both relating to one time events (or yearly) and things one can do any time.

It is a bit cumbersome to go through all the outdated events if you want to do something on any day, so I thought I should start a spin-off specifically for one-time events, rather than things you can do any time.

I am currently aware of:

- Showings of opera performances in Arthouse Cinemas in Zurich (see more info on the event I created for Jan. 20, 2012). So, you get to go to the Milano opera (sort of) for the price of a movie ticket.

Idgie 19.01.2013 21:42

Re: One-time free or good deal events
I just read that there will be a free choir concert in Jona in the Catholic church, on January 20, 2013, at 5pm. For details: http://www.krj.ch/index.php?aktuell_jon

The choir is part of the Europa Cantat program, where choirs and singers from all over Switzerland come together, once a year. I participated in today's program, where we rehearsed and performed John Rutter's Gloria with 150 singers, and it was just great.

Idgie 22.01.2013 23:46

Re: One-time free or good deal events
Zurich will offer free sports activities for children from Kindergarten to grade 6 on several Sundays. This will take place in the following two school gymnasiums:

- Buchwiesen
- Hardau

The gyms are open from 1-3, no reservation required, next time will be on January 27. More details: www.sportamt.ch

Idgie 24.05.2013 08:48

May 25, 2013: Opening of a new bikeing park in ZH
On May 25, the city of ZH will open a new biking park at Allmend, one of the biggest freestyle riding places in Europe. There will be competitions, shows and numerous options to participate.

Start: 1pm
Entrance: Free
Nearest tram: Saalsporthalle

More info: http://www.zueritrails.ch/wp-content...50_Seite_2.jpg

facebook: sportamt zurich (may be worth checking to see if date is shifted due to bad weather)

Idgie 01.06.2013 12:52

Re: One-time free or good deal events
On June 15, starting at 8pm, the Summernight's Ball will be held in Zurich Main Station. There will be a live orchestra and a big band, and the main hall of the station will be decorated. When I went last year, there was a proper dancefloor, and the people dancing represented all levels of dress-up, from the gown to the accidental attendee in t-shirt and jeans.

One could make this an EF event, if there was interest.

Idgie 07.06.2013 21:50

Re: One-time free or good deal events
On June 21 - 23, there will be a series of free concerts to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the old church in Zurich Fluntern. Mainly Swiss artists, everything from Hip Hop through Rock and Traditional Swiss to Classical. And it is all free!

Idgie 07.06.2013 22:09

Re: One-time free or good deal events
It's SlowUp time, again! On Sunday, certain streets around Schaffhausen will be closed so that bikers and inline skaters can enjoy the ride. A real family event.

More details: http://www.slowup-schaffhausen-hegau.ch

Deep Purple 08.06.2013 14:35

Re: One-time free or good deal events
It is worth mentioning Züri Fäscht from 5th to 7th July. There are many free events, along with the endless ways to try and extract every last Rappen from you.


Idgie 17.06.2013 22:19

Re: One-time free or good deal events
This Friday, June 21, 2013, at 7.30 pm, there will be a free choir concert in Zurich, in the Kreuzkirche near Römerhof. Featuring four choirs, including the choir I sing in, we well sing a broad variety of modern and traditional, clerical and secular music. While it is organized by an all men's choir, the other choirs are mixed. And the concert is free. This could also be a good opportunity to check out choirs in case you are looking to join one.

For more details: http://maennerchor.ch/aktuell/

Idgie 30.06.2013 18:04

Re: One-time free or good deal events
For those who are into tattoos (the musical type, not the skin decorations): The Zurich tattoos will take place from July 9-13 in Zurich, with a parade on Limmatquai on July 13 at noon.

Here are the details:

"Mit Salutschüssen der historischen Kompanien beginnt am Samstag die Tattoo Grand Parade mit über 1‘000 Mitwirkenden. Die abwechslungsreiche und farbenfrohe Parade startet bei der Verzweigung Uto-Quai/Limmatquai und führt die ca. 40 Musik-, Polizei-, Feuerwehr- und Sanitätsformationen entlang der prachtvollen Zunfthäuser über das Limmatquai, die Rudolf-Brun-Brücke und die Uraniastrasse bis in die Werdmühlestrasse."

Here is the link: http://www.zurichtattoo.com

Idgie 09.11.2013 14:32

Re: One-time free or good deal events
Tonight is the night of the Räbechilbi in Richterswil, the parade starts at 6.30. You are expected to buy a badge for CHF 8 to cover the cost of this event, but it is real nice:

"In the Canton of Zurich, and more recently in other regions of German speaking Switzerland, processions which feature decorated, hollowed out fodder beets containing a lighted candle have become customary.

This custom can be traced back to the early 1920s. A very special form of this celebration has developed in Richterswil, situated on Lake Zurich. On the second Saturday evening in November, approximately a thousand children and grownups proceed through the darkened streets with individual lanterns or huge structures made up of hundreds of lighted beets portraying houses, people, and objects. The facades of the houses are also decorated with lights.

The procession, which moves along a predetermined route, is led by a group of women dressed in black. They represent "the churchgoers of Richterswilerberg". Tradition says that around 1850 they lit the way to the evening service in the village church with their lighted beets. Though research has shown that this lovely legend may not be true, this does not dampen the enthusiasm of the participants nor the general harmony of the evening in the least. "

Idgie 09.11.2013 23:39

Re: One-time free or good deal events
And another freebie:

Klausjagen, a parade in honour of St. Nicholas in Küssnacht am Rigi on December 5. The cool thing is that the lights in the whole town are turned off, and then St. Nicholas comes riding on a donkey, followed by men with big cowbells, in turn followed by men carrying huge bishop's hats, lit from the inside and decorated with ornaments in all colors. Enchanting! It starts at 8.15.

Here is the official text:

"On December 5, the eve of St. Nicholas' Day, the village of Küssnacht, on the shores of Lake Lucerne, glows in the light of some two hundred enormous, transparent bishops' miters, which have been artfully designed, cut out of cardboard, assembled, and lit by a candle from within. This Iffele, or headdress, is worn by the men and, more recently women as well, who accompany St. Nicholas on his way through the village.

The streets echo with the sound of heavy bells carried by strong men, horn blowing, and especially the peculiar triad rhythm of a brass band accompanying the chant of Mänz, Mänz, Mänz, Bodefridimänz. Clemenz (Mänz) Ulrich tried unsuccessfully in the 1920s to convert the wild chasing of St. Nicholas by village youths into something more civilized. His successors had better luck in 1928, when they founded an association to maintain and preserve the Klausjagen custom.

In its earlier and even in its current form, the custom reflects ancient cultic origins which are barely superseded by the appearance of St. Nicholas in his bishop's robes. The whipcrackers noisily announcing the arrival of the procession, apparently share these same origins."

Photos at http://www.klausjagen.ch

I think I will go, again, this year.

Idgie 25.11.2013 22:48

Re: One-time free or good deal events
There will be an "open singing" event in the St. Peter Church in Zurich city on Saturday, December 7, 2013 at 4pm. A children's choir and a trumpet ensemble will be there to sing Christmas songs with.

For more details: http://www.st-peter-zh.ch/kantorei/1...ntssingen.html

Idgie 02.12.2013 22:29

Re: One-time free or good deal events
On December 8 at 5pm, Ensemble Vocal Utopie, a young, excellent choir from Fribourg, will perform at the church of Courtepin. They sing classical works (Mozart, others), popular choir music (Kaelin and others), and more. It will be a free concert, donations welcome.

Unfortunately, I cannot go, but I know it will be a wonderful experience and a great chance to get to know an energetic, innovative choir.

Idgie 03.12.2013 21:39

Re: One-time free or good deal events
The Olympic Museum in Lausanne is scheduled to re-open after renovation, on Dec. 21. Through Jan. 24, 2014, the entrance will be free.

cmorales 23.12.2013 19:38

Re: One-time free or good deal events

I just found this site that gives some tips:



Idgie 25.04.2014 17:17

Re: One-time free or good deal events
On April 25 / 26, one of the Zurich lake boats will open up to a look behind the scenes, into the engine room, the bridge, the galley, etc. The kids can get their faces painted and can bake cookies.

Sounds like a family event - and is free of charge:


Idgie 20.09.2014 20:56

Re: One-time free or good deal events
There will be a free classical concert in Schlieren, on Septemberr 27, 2014 to commemorate a journey that Mozart undertook through Switzerland. Obviously, they will play Mozart. There will also be an Apéro, afterward.

Here are the details:
Saturday 27. September 2014, 5pm
Reformierte Kirche Schlieren

W. A. Mozart: Sinfonie g-moll KV 550
Molto allegro – Andante – Menuetto. Allegretto – Allegro assai
stadtorchester SCHLIEREN
Hugo Bollschweiler, Leitung

Auszüge aus den 2 Duos für Violine und Viola, KV 423/24
Muriel Gabathuler, Violine und Hugo Bollschweiler, Viola

Anschliessend Apéro, offeriert von der Österreichischen Botschaft
Bern und der Stadt Schlieren

I won't be able to go, but maybe it is interesting for others.

Idgie 17.10.2014 21:17

Re: One-time free or good deal events
Not really free, but good deals:

- During the semester, the ETH filmclub shows movies, every Tuesday. Not current blockbusters but rather older movies or uncommon movies. Entrance fee is CHF 5. It is a big room with a screen and chairs, not a movie theatre.

Details: https://www.ethz.ch/en/campus/art-and-culture/film.html

- About once a month, there is a live broadcast from the Royal Opera House to cinemas all over the world. Several are in Switzerland, as well. Tickets are CHF 30 if you have a carte bleue. It is really great, as you get to see closeups of the singers / dancers, as well as introductions to the piece during the breaks. Here is the program: http://www.kitag.com/Programm/KitagOperaLive.aspx

In Zurich, usually, someone is organizing this as an event on meetup.com.

Idgie 19.04.2015 12:53

Re: One-time free or good deal events
I have some Swiss Trips vouchers, granting a price reduction of up to 50% at many Swiss sights and activities. You have to redeem them by April 30, 2015, bookings have to be done in advance on the internet.

Here are all the details: http://www.swisstrips.ch
I can send you the codes.

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