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Ratu84 18.02.2014 19:38

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
Do you still play?

Nerya 18.02.2014 21:41

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
I am immensely interested in playing as well; I'll be in Lausanne in a few months. I'm missing D&D already!
I'll get back to the thread to get in touch when the time comes, if you have room for me :msnblush:. Until then, may your dice roll kind!

Lukc 19.02.2014 20:09

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
We are still slowly working towards getting our gaming going again :) work and life keep getting in the way. One of our DMs is currently in Vietnam and I'm a bit too busy to find a decent apartment with sufficient space for a group of gamers!

But yes, the goal is still to play. PM me and I'll add you into the gaming list and we'll get something going soon enough!

KonradW 06.03.2014 18:18

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
And i am back from Vietnam, alive!
And as mention, work and personal life is getting the best of our time, adulthood is boring :D

But yes, we are still trying to meet more often, PM me or Lukc so we can add you to the loop.

ulson 21.09.2014 22:39

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
Hey! I hope someone is still following this topic.
I am looking for an English speaking (I just started to learn French) group in any RPG pen&paper in Lausanne. I can play fantasy, s-f, gothic... Anything! I am playing RPG since I was 9 and I am feeling almost depressed here without it :(.
Let me know you heard about any group which can accept another player.

Lukc 22.09.2014 11:46

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
Hi there, Ulson!

Yes, we're still following - between life and work we've been less than active, but now that I'm finally moving into some decent digs I'm raring to start a regular 5th edition group.


ulson 22.09.2014 11:58

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
That is great :).
I suppose you are playing D&D... Which edition? Could I join? :D

Lukc 22.09.2014 13:06

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
Well ... Talking about starting to play without getting around to it yet :D ... The new 5th edition.

Lukc 22.09.2014 13:41

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
Oh, and PM me for more details.

X189999 19.01.2015 09:48

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
Hey everyone!

I'd really like to start playing D&D again!

I cannot DM as I don't have enough experience, but would be happy to host. I live in the center of town as well.

I own multiple board games as well & the core books of D&D4.0

Lukc 19.01.2015 11:00

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
Surprisingly enough, I still follow this thread and we're currently running a weekly 5E game ;).

I'm away on holiday this week, but the rest of the group is plotting a sealed draft Magic tournament.

X189999 19.01.2015 11:45

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
I'm avoiding getting back into MTG. Too expensive haha.

But how should I get into contact with whoever is organizing?

I can host :P

Lukc 19.01.2015 12:06

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
I'm organizing and DMing and hosting ;)

Lukc 07.12.2015 20:46

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
Kicking the thread alive - we're up to a constellation of around 712 more-or-less regular D&D players in Lausanne and Geneva, plus attendant board gamers.

I just wanted to let folks know I still keep finding new gamers through this old thread. Amazing forum, eh? :)

ilcontegis 08.03.2016 06:18

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
Hello guys,

I will soon move to Lausanne 1st May for work and I am planning to stay.
I am a DCC (Dungeon Crawl Classics) player and I am looking for a group of people to do some gaming and also networking.

Do you still meet and would you have one additional spot?

Thank you for your time.

Lukc 09.03.2016 00:28

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
Hello, ilcontegis,

we're still meeting, indeed. PM me, and I can get you into the loop.

How did you find DCC? (I have those rules, too, btw, though we're now mostly playing a silly version of 5E)

ilcontegis 09.03.2016 00:39

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
Hello Lukc

Thank you for your kind reply.

I am not a professional gamer, I probably did about 30/40 games in total at D&D, DW (Dungeon World) and DCC.
I personally liked a lot DCC because it feels very 80s, extremely simple and smooth to play as well as complex enough to have fun (and die a lot).

I backed the kickstarter campaign of DDC and I am expecting the new rule book as well as several adventure books (around mid 2016).

I'd be happy to see what you are playing and maybe if anybody is up to try if anyone likes DCC.

I'll send you a PM soon.

scarab 08.04.2017 11:19

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
Resurrecting thread....

I'm going to be starting a new campaign soon using a variation of the AD&D 1e rules. If anyone is interested in joining please let me know. You don't need to own or have played these rules before to join.

I'm based in Fribourg, however if someone can host in Lausanne central then I have no problems commuting to run the game.

I will forward a Doodle link to interested parties to determine what days are good for everyone.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Futhark 30.05.2017 08:14

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
Hey all,

I'd be interested in joining a campaign if there are any going on now. I live in Valais but would be open to going to Bern, Neuchatel, Geneva, etc.

I know D&D 5e.

lordzsolt 21.01.2018 22:56

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
Is it too late to revive this thread? :)

I would love some good D&D or board games over the dull evening/weekends I'm having :)

I'm based in Lausanne, however I have a temporary residence, so I cannot host for the time being. Maybe once I find a place of my own.

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