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Valmont 12.07.2018 11:53

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
Hi everyone, new to this part of the world and the forum; just testing the waters...

As the original posts from people playing are quite old, is anyone still playing? If not, I'm happy to start a new group... D&D 5th edition in English, potentially hosting and happy to DM (used to do it ages ago and feeling nostalgic). Who's interested in the Lausanne region?

ulson 12.07.2018 14:44

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
Maybe I could, depending from the timing...

Valmont 12.07.2018 15:09

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
OK, good to know there is some interest... I think we would at a minimum need three players and one DM... ideally a few more and the ability to rotate DMing... when we start is completely dependent on who is interested and when everyone's available.

Unless there's already a group going that new players join, I'll be happy to take the DM role as I said and facilitate. So if you are interested, send me a quick direct message and tell me something about yourself, both basic general information and your experience with (5E) D&D.

Selportion 17.11.2018 17:08

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
There is also an attempt in Glocals for Geneva in case that counts in region ^^
We can meet for an one-shot or some drinks and discuss it.

snookr 10.12.2018 22:49

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
Hi there.
I've recently moved to Switzerland from the UK and currently live in Bulle. I played D&D back home with a group of 5 friends every week and I played as DM.

It was my first experience with D&D in general so I'm far from being a 'pro' but we had so much fun non the less.
I have brought all my Dice, books etc. with me in hope of finding a new group.

Unfortunately I'm finding it very hard to play with here, everyone I meet has no interest or hasn't even heard of it!

Has anything come of this group? Either way, I'd love to get back into it.

Muzey 08.01.2020 14:40

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]

I'm also interested in doing some D&D. I have never tried before but would be very motivated in regular meet ups, preferably in the Lausanne region. (I live in Valais).

It's been just over a year since anyone's posted here so I'm hoping that I haven't missed my chance!

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