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Lukc 05.05.2013 09:41

Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
It sort of comes under "free time" (of which I don't have much) ... does anybody know, is anything happening as far as role-playing games are concerned? Are there any gaming groups in Lausanne? What's the rpg scene like in this part of Switzerland?


Guest 05.05.2013 10:10

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
we used to have a group in Basel, they still meet there but now we live near Neuchatel...

Lukc 05.05.2013 13:35

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
Are there any website where gamers congregate in Switzerland or is it pretty much find-as-find-can?

Medea Fleecestealer 05.05.2013 20:27

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
I think it's pretty much find-as-can. There used to be a pretty large group in Fribourg, but I don't know if it's still going.

The best thing to do is ask at your local gaming stores. There is at least one in Lausanne, but I can't remember exactly where.

Just googled and found this:


Lukc 05.05.2013 20:32

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
Yeah, I've seen the boardgamesgeek forum page and wasn't blown away :D

It looks like the gamers here are staying much more underground - or perhaps they're just using French. :msncrazy: Now to work out how to say "le gaming shoppe" in that language ...

Laurabeetle 05.05.2013 21:04

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
I don't play myself, but I am pretty sure there is a shop just next to the Metropole theatre in Bel Air. I expect they could help.

Medea Fleecestealer 05.05.2013 21:05

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
Googled again and I think this is the store I was thinking of


Mostly Flames of War, but they do have other stuff and they might know of any RPG groups in the area.

Lukc 05.05.2013 21:11

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
Hmm ... Xenomorphe, yes, I've got a tab open to their store. It looks very francophone, but I'll give it a shot next time I'm around the Fresh Prince's hangout.


ropeyoldtroll 13.05.2013 20:52

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
You could try http://www.enworld.org
they have a section find a game which includes gamers in Switzerland

AlfieCH 18.05.2013 14:27

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
Couldn't this forum be used to organize some english-rpg games? Although a newbie, I am all for getting a 4e dnd game going, or a DnD boardgame. I haven't seen much DnD in Geneva, Warhammer seems to be the most popular thing.

Lukc 18.05.2013 15:15

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
Well ... it certainly could. I know I wouldn't be able to dungeonmaster a game in any language besides English!" :) My German would be terrible:

"Ja, sie sehen ein Ork. Ja. Er ist gross und grün. Eeeh ... Er kommt für sie?"

AlfieCH 18.05.2013 16:36

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
Haha... I wouldn't even know how that would go in French! I find it strange that few people are into DnD, especially with such large tradition for tabletop gaming around here. I heard there was an organized group up in Zurich, but not much else, and not around Geneva/Lausanne. The books in English are also hard to come by, unless you use Amazon. I guess the rapid turnover also makes campaigning difficult. It might be fun to run a few one-shots to see if people are interested. Are there any shops in Lausanne that lend themselves to gaming events or a Ludotheque?

Lukc 18.05.2013 17:17

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
Apparently there are a few gaming shops, yes - as well as a ludotheque. Haven't managed to visit yet, but I'm thinking of starting things out with one-off and with a persistent sandbox setting, where every character does not have to be present every session.

Ideally I'd also find a backup DM, because I travel for work, so my schedule can get shot all kinds of wonky (tomorrow it's off to Frankfurt for 5 days. At 6:41 a.m. Yippee!)

AlfieCH 19.05.2013 01:41

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
Wow.. Good luck on your trip. I am not far from Lausanne and I have a little experience with DMing. Maybe this post might attract a few others and we'll have a dungeoneering troupe!

Lukc 19.05.2013 23:24

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
yes, it would be pretty nifty!

For a taste of how i game, this might give a suggestion: http://cauldronsandclerics.blogspot.com/ :) my little gaming blogue.:p

scarab 24.05.2013 21:12

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
I'm in Fribourg and wouldn't mind getting back into a regular game. In fact that would be awesome!

I've got a good collection of rule books ranging from basic d&d, d&d cyclopedia (my fav), d&d 3e, stormbringer, etc.


Medea Fleecestealer 24.05.2013 21:19

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]

Originally Posted by scarab (Post 1885623)
I'm in Fribourg and wouldn't mind getting back into a regular game. In fact that would be awesome!

I've got a good collection of rule books ranging from basic d&d, d&d cyclopedia (my fav), d&d 3e, stormbringer, etc.


Well, if your French is not too bad and if they're still around there used to be a group in Fribourg who played regularly in the nuclear bunker in Parking des Alpes. You could try enquiring there to see if they're still going.

scarab 25.05.2013 10:14

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
My French is horrible, but thanks for tip nonetheless! :)

KonradW 02.06.2013 00:50

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
If all people that replied in this topic get together, it would be a group big enough...
I joined to forum today just because of this topic, I moved to Switzerland (Lausanne) last year and didnt find a D&D group yet (didnt look for it very hard to be honest).
I was DM back home, but english is not my native language, so I am not sure how it would turn out. I have some books of D&D 3.5. My personal favorite is to play in Eberron world, but forgotten realms is nice too, or any other one.
I could be the DM, but not full time, I enjoy being the adventurer also :msngrin:

So, anyone around willing to start a new group?

scarab 03.06.2013 08:26

Re: Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
hey there Konrad,

welcome to EF! i would gladly be interested in starting/joining a new group if we have enough interest. i've DM'ed a few campaigns in home grown settings but i'm probably *very* rusty.

perhaps we should setup something on meetup.com and advertise in this thread?


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