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Whitters 02.09.2013 18:35

Swiss Airline Geneva Economy Light Fares
I was looking at booking some flights to London, and I can see that there is the new fare 'Geneva Economy Light', which is hand-baggage only.

I see that it is possible to later add a bag by upgrading in advance to Geneva Economy flex. What I can't quite get to the bottom of is whether you pay the difference in the price of the two tickets on that day (it seems to be 50 chf difference at the moment for example), or whether it is the difference in what I paid at the time of booking and the price on the day of flying, which can be enormous.

I tried calling Swiss customer support but I'm not sure they understood my query, but seemed to hint at the latter, which means that adding a bag could add hundreds of francs to the price :eek:

I just wondered if anyone has used these fares yet and upgraded at a later date?

hortensia 09.09.2013 21:31

Re: Swiss Airline Geneva Economy Light Fares
You are right, Swiss introduced this new fare only for Geneva from September 1st.
It is actually a one-way ticket, Easyjet style, so even if you can't travel the first leg, your return ticket doesn't get cancelled, as happens with a normal return ticket.
You are right when you say that you can eventually check a bag, but to do so you have to upgrade to a "normal" ticket. This involves being offloaded from the flight (which can be serious in case of an overbooked flight...), going to the ticket office to pay Fr. 150.- (for a round trip) and then re-queueing to check-in and drop the bag.
If you try and take a bag that's too big as a carry-on, then you'll be charged Fr 150.- at the gate, and this will be only for the one flight.
This type of ticket can be great, but my advice is not to buy it unless you are really sure that you won't be checking a bag!!

salie 24.09.2015 20:57

Re: Swiss Airline Geneva Economy Light Fares
Surprised this was the only place I could find this fare mentioned.

We've just been caught out with it using one of the flight search engines. Booked a flight from Zurich which we normally take twice a year and the price was almost the same as last time, about 20CHF higher. Only when studying the documents did we discover it was the "Light Fare" so no checked in luggage.

Swiss now charge 19CHF/person/leg for a bag and another 12CHF for a reserved seat. When traveling as a family with kids, this makes the total cost increase greatly from the last time we flew the same route. It also makes comparing flights online very difficult.

JohnC64 25.09.2015 18:50

Re: Swiss Airline Geneva Economy Light Fares
Sad to say but I fear that Swiss International Airlines is losing it's high-end quality status and fast heading towards the budget end of the market:msnblush:

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