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ipoddle 11.03.2008 22:53

Electricity supply on trains

I'm planning a trip from Basel to Florence by train, I've barely been on any trains in Switzerland or Italy. Will there be power outlets for my laptop.. or am I being too 21st century ?

Shorrick Mk2 11.03.2008 23:02

Re: Electricity supply on trains
Try looking out the window, it's far better than a screensaver...

smackerjack 11.03.2008 23:04

Re: Electricity supply on trains
I am sure that someone asked the same question recently so if you search in the threads the answer should be there.

Treverus 11.03.2008 23:10

Re: Electricity supply on trains
In second class of the ICs there are only one outlet always at each end of every coach. Next to the doors, so be early enough that you can get a seat on the bench next to it...



telandy 11.03.2008 23:17

Re: Electricity supply on trains
On the Deutsche Bahn ICE Trains, there are power points, however as Treverus says on the Swiss Trains, one plug is near the door. I guess however you will be travelling on the Cisalpino http://www.raileurope.com/us/rail/sp.../cisalpino.htm which is different again and I don't know.

smackerjack 11.03.2008 23:44

Re: Electricity supply on trains
On the subject of trains and a little off topic but does anyone remember the MacDonald trains. Do any of the carriages still run? I have not seen them and in the 90s when travelling with the kids you could not escape them.

12.03.2008 00:11

Re: Electricity supply on trains
Just hang one of these out the window..!


Portable Wind Generator

12.03.2008 06:26

Re: Electricity supply on trains
Hello Ipoddle, I take the train from Nyon to Zurich 4 days a week and if you can find the business compartment on a CFF/SSB trains then you should have success, mind you its in the first class only and there is a logo of a computer next to the seats.

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